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i was watching gmm today and my 7yo said i should make a purple"gmm logo bird". if anyone has a cockatrice or randler pattern, i would love to see/use it.

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By pattern what do you mean? Sewing or knit/crochet so on. If it crochet I can ask my friend how she made her cockatrice. I only really know crochet and wood art/painting.  

any actually. i i know the bare basics of crochet,knit, sewing, and leather working. I want to learn more but need something interesting to keep me interested.

It's not the same as knitting, I know, but a fellow mythical beast and Kommunity member named Erin McMythical (EMc2) has made several cross-stitch pieces that appeared on GMM and became set decorations.  She was a very active member at one time, but I haven't seen anything from here in a while. Still you might ask how she gets those.


Also, K-mod Alexis (Indigo Sparrow) is a knitting nerd . . . if she has the time.  You've probably seen some of her handy work on the GMM set as well.





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