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What is your favorite band/artist? Why? Do you know any of their songs on your instrument(s)?

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My favorite band isn't a "band" in that sense - it is a baroque music ensemble, well, a couple of them! Europa Galante, Ensemble 415 and La Magnifica Communita stand out. They bring to absolute shimmering life music that was written over 200+ years ago. Everything I have heard from them is like some long-forgotten dream that is instantly put all around you in vibrant color! I am painstakingly learning to play the 'cello, though I will never be proficient enough to join the ranks of anything of their caliber.

Owl City is my favorite artist. Relient K is my favorite band though. Their music is awesome.

I'm an odd one. My favorite bands at the moment are FM Belfast, Of Monsters and Men, Rachael Yamagata and Phantogram.

Senses Fail, definitely. I have a 'comfortable' area with music, where I feel most at home. Up to their album "Life Is Not A Waiting Room", they were right in that area. I still like their newer stuff, but it's pushing the 'comfortable' boundary a little.

I like The cranberries, Pink Floyd, and Serj Tankian. I can play every song by The Cranberries albums except Bury the Hatchet and Wake up and smell the coffee. I can play Another Brick in the wall by pink Floyd and A bit of Empty walls by Serj Tankian. All of this is on the recorder by the way.

Chevelle. I know how to. Play some songs on acoustic guitar, bass guitar, guitar, cello, violin, drums, and vocals. I think that's about it for their songs, I guess you can tell I love playing instruments.
I am a HUGE fan of Slash. I listen to pretty much anything he has ever done, be it GNR, Snakepit, Velvet Revolver, and especially SMK&C. I can play a few songs of his: You're A Lie from Apocalyptic Love for one, but my all time favorite is Nightrain by GNR. I am also a gigantic fan of Alter Bridge, also fronted by the fantastically talented Myles Kennedy. AB means a lot more to me, though. Their music has gotten me through some pretty rough times, and no matter what mood I'm in, their music never fails to make me feel better :)
My Chemical Romance hands down:) then like Rise Against, The Misfits, Jimmy Eat World, Motley Crüe, For Today....and a lot more! And yes I can play songs from each of them on my guitar!

I have some. Green day and Bad religion is my two top. Then sex pistols, muse, nirvana, the clash. I also like very much the offspring, the ramones, my chemical romane, bowling for soup, blink 182 and bring me the horizon

My favourite bands are Nightwish and Ghost Town. My favourite solo artist would have to be Elvis Presley, no competition. I wish I could get my hands on sheet music for Nightwish songs, they have such beautiful instrumental components.

My favorite band is (and this might sound girly but)1Direction. I also love Maroon 5, R5, The Vamps, My Chemical Romance, ect.

Dream Theater.  Their music is very soothing to me, and speaks to me in a way.  I do not know any of their songs, as I haven't really thought of playing it myself.


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