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What's your favorite or best song to play on your instrument? 

I have a Harry Potter medley I love to play on my violin, but I can also rock Eine Kliene Nachtmusik by Mozart. 

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I attempted to play the trumpet solo in the song Handlebars by Flo-Bots. The intonation is terrible but I didn't spend a lot of time on it


Very nice. It's a bit jazzy like Miles Davis. Plus great song, never heard it before. The song has quite an epic message.  It's good. 

I'm learning Sweet Child O' Mine on guitar. Favorite though is Avenged Sevenfold- So Far Away. The part is from 3:27- about 3:55.


Ooh I love all covers of Sweet Child o Mine! Cool song.

Me too - OMG!!! :)

I want to learn or learning how to play "Time of Your Life" by Green Day on acoustic guitar!!! :)

I love that song! I think I tried to learn that on the piano once. Fond memories of the 90s with that song.

I just finished learning that. It's pretty fun. :)

I love to play Zelda's Lullaby on my Ocarina and Changing Seasons on Cello

How much is an Ocarina?

I play drums and i love to play sunday bloody sunday, and animal, and holiday

Wow! The drum beat to sunday bloody sunday is sooooo rad!


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