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I'm sure everyone has a different reason, so let's share them. What was your reason for becoming homeschooled or for homeschooling your own children?

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Thank you Christine. ^_^

I'm glad it worked out so well for you and that your daughter has made such progress! She sounds very bright and I hope homeschooling continues to go smoothly for you, I know it gets tough sometimes but the end result is so worth it.
i had gone to a traditional elementary school and i loved it but then i got to middle school and i was bullied and abused by both students and faculty so seeking something less traditional i went to a local Montessori school and that was AMAZING it was basically a homeschool feeling while still having a teacher that knew what they were doing and LOTS of interaction with other student my age that i didn't know so we got a lot of real life interactions because we had a lot of responsibilities just as people but that school only went up to 8th grade so i graduated from there near the top of my class and eagerly looked for a Montessori high school not finding any (well i found one but your basically living on a farm with the teachers and other students(it was a cool idea but it was expensive and for a 14-15 year old thats a GREATLY different way of life)) so i dreaded going back into the public domain so i asked my parents if i could homeschool since it wasn't to different then what i was doing they agreed on the basis that i had to do my work before i had fun and i basically had to monitor myself they wanted very little involvment. i did and i finished up 2 and a half years(or 3 1/2 i cant remember but i know i finished early ill have to find out) later and now im in a community college and im just about done with that
Wow! I wish my kids had your motivation!
The abuse that goes on in school is such a shame, I'm sorry you had to deal with that sort of thing but at least it lead you in the right direction.

I can't believe you were able to do all of that on your own! I'm homeschooled and I don't think I could do it without my parents watching and helping me, you must be extremely responsible and trustworthy.
My younger brother was bullied in grade 9 until he finally decided to homeschool. He went back the next year much more confident and didn't have the same problem. But bullying was ALWAYS an issue for me in public school. I much preferred the years of homeschooling my mom did with me.
I started homeschooling because my oldest was reading, adding, and subtracting when he was 4 1/2. When I went to talk with the teachers at the private school I asked how they were going to keep him interested. They answered "Don't worry about it". Hmmm... not the answer I was looking for. He was having behavior issues in preschool and I didn't want him bored at school.

That first year I figured I would see how it went. We finished Kinder work over the summer and started 1st grade a year early. If it didn't go well, he would enter 1st grade in a year with kids his age. If I didn't like it but we got the work done, he would have a transcript to take into second grade... I hoped this would make him being young an easier sell. And if it went well and I liked it we could keep going. Still homeschooling and he is starting 7th grade this year.

My next child would have loved the social side of school, but thankfully I had her home. She is dyslexic and we realized it pretty early because I was her teacher. I was able to learn a lot about dyslexia, I picked a dyslexia reading program myself (instead of going with what the school used and hoping it was good) and she is starting 4th grade reading very close to 4th grade level. 2 years ago she hid in her room to read, now she volunteers to do the readings at church! I am SO glad I homeschool!

I don't have a great story for my 3rd child yet, but give me a couple years. Although he was also reading before he turned 5. In 1st grade he decided that 1st grade reading was too easy and read all the books in about a week. He also decided 1st grade math was too easy and started doing 3rd grade work with his sister. The 3rd grade math really pushed him to the limits, so eventually we talked him down to 2nd grade math. Where can you do that except for home? (I guess I do have a story.)
Wow, you sound like an extremely dedicated mother. Your kids are very lucky to have such a supporting and loving mom. And your kids sound extremely bright! Those are all amazing stories and thank you very much for sharing them with us Theresa. : )
I think my daughter might be dyslexic. I don't know how to be sure. But she does some things like reading the last letters of a word first. And when I once asked her if the letters seemed to move around on the page while she was trying to read, her face lit up as though I had described it perfectly, and she has used that description for me since then to explain why she's struggling with reading. She just finished 1st grade and is getting better at reading, so I don't know if it was just normal learning to read troubles or dyslexia. She is also left-handed which has been a little harder for me to figure out how to teach her some things. She can't use scissors at all- even lefty scissors she holds so upside-down and backwards. But that's a whole other thing I guess.
The best description I read of dyslexic reading is that they see words as pictures (they are reading with their right brain instead of the left like natural readers). So they see the first letter and then the approximate number of letters and things like tall (l, k, d) or low (p, g, y). So the word "stamp" and the word "stump" look identical to a dyslexic. They can get by with context and pictures until somewhere in 3rd grade where words get harder and pictures decrease.

How is her handwriting and spelling? These are big indicators of dyslexia. Dyslexics also have trouble with right/left confusion. Of course I remember the signs that my daughter had and I have forgotten others that she didn't have.
Our decision to homeschool was made before we even had kids. My husband and I were both new Christians and we discussed our ideals and the things we wanted to teach our kids in great depth before we had kids. So it was always our choice, mainly because we wanted to be in control of what our kids were being taught (evolution/creation is just one example). We also were both really wild and rebellious in our youth and wanted to protect our kids from the wreckless influences of secular youth. Not that they don't have secular friends, but man... We had so little supervision growing up in the public school system! I KNOW what heavy peer pressure leads to and I'd rather be able to talk to my kids about sex and drugs and things before they get offered those things by their peers, which is happening younger and younger now. So that was our initial reason. But I'm seeing more and more the benefits of one-on-one teaching, and I LOVE spending my kids' childhood with them instead of sending them out the door every day to be raised by someone else.
but taking over the world is cool too ...
I decided to homeschool my children when I realized a number of things. One being they could benefit from the one on one teaching. Anyone would.
Then, I didn't like the fact that if they still didn't "get" something, if the class was moving on to something else, they had to also. They learn so much more!
Thirdly we have FCATS here in Fl. and they spend half the year on test prep. It drives me crazy! No learning, just test prep and review! It's wasted time.
And I could incorporate our Christian beliefs into the classroom teaching.
AND we have fun, freedom, and time together !


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