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Temporary/Honorary GMM Krewmember . . . Mr. Charles Lincoln Neal, Jr.

Say hello to Chef Charles!

loved Link's dad in the episode, he was so funny and so confused. And even though they are dad and son, it's incredible how much Link looks like his father!

Stevie Wynne Levine (to Rhett):

And you've liked the SAND and the CAT FOOD, so chances are you probably will like this one too . . .

Rhett (tasting): It's very "cakey"

Stevie:   Thoughts?

Gumbo:  LITTERBOX!!!

I thought litterbox too!!

I really LOVED this episode! It's so great to see the guys' families on the show! Link's dad was a great sport and seemed to really have a good time! Also, Rhett and Link have really been awesome this year in having Make A Wish kids on the show. That probably meant a lot to the kids. It makes so many of us so happy to see these kinds of things. :) 

100% AGREED!
I rarely post comments on any YouTube video, but felt compelled to do so on yesterday's GMMore . . .

HISTORICAL COMMENT: The RandLer needs no name . . . he is simply The RandLer! There is and has ever been ONLY ONE . . . note the particular spelling of the name with capital "R and L" standing for, of course, Rhett and Link . . . this is the only true and officially approved naming method. There is no documented mention or knowledge of his very existence prior to 2009 when he was created by the sheer will of the Mythical Beasts of http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/ and his characteristics and appearance were developed through one of the earliest Kommunity Building Exercises (KBE) > > > http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/forum/topics/kbe-randler-mascot-design
There are so many times when I can relate to Rhett and Link, but none as fulfilling as when I discovered I'm not the only one who like chipless cookie dough

This episode was so fun to watch with Link's dad involved. Link tweeted late yesterday that he texted his Dad about the positive comments he was receiving on the video, which led me to the comments sections....and though most of the time it is a toxic place, I was pleasantly surprised how positive the comments were. It was exciting to see how respectful folks were. Maybe this will encourage them to have more special guests. I would love to hear some embarrassing child hood stories directly from the mouths of friends and family.


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