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Are you more of a Halo fan or a Call of Duty?

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I've always been a Halo fan.  I've got nothing against COD though, it's a fun series but nothing beats halo!

To me, neither. I am not a fan of shooter games. especially after the fact that people over hype them.

Partly because multiplayer is never well balanced and single player isn't story strong and is like a Michael Bay movie, I'm not a big fan of COD. It isn't terrible, its a great shooter, and Advanced Warfare has great gameplay, but not my thing.
Halo on the other hand is very story driven, while the multiplayer is still extremely enjoyable. I get a lot more out of playing a few hours of Halo than COD, but thats because I'm a narrative driven player, and campaign is a big factor for me. :)

I love the graphics of the CoD games but Halo has excellent multiplayer... Halo wins in my book.

Counter Strike 


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