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Like in most communities, people of the Furry fandom grow to find a specific persona that matches them within the bounds of said community.  Furry's personas are called "Fursonas".  My question to you all today - to start a hopefully healthy discussion - is: What is your fursona? How did you create him/her?  Pictures will always be nice, if they're available. 

If you're confused on what you want your fursona to be, this could also be a thread for that!  I, personally, am having troubles with creation of my furstona - stuck between whether I should be a fox or a bunny.  Maybe you furry mythical beasts can help me decide, as well as any others who are unsure what to be.

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My fursona is a green husky/wolf hybrid. If I where you I'd try to find an animal that you can relate with or that has certain characteristics that you can find in yourself.

That's the thing - I have characteristics of both the fox and the bunny.  I'm lost because I don't know which one I'd want to be more. >^/p>

Your fursona sounds pretty cute, though!  Does he have a name?

I never found a name for him, not good at naming stuff. You can always make a fox with bunny ears or a bunny tail, or a bunny with fox ears. 

P.S : I heard flying foxes are a big thing.

I might end out doing a bunny with a fox tail... I'm not quite sure yet.  Thanks for the help!

Kota the blueberry fennec! he is a blue fennec fox, i came up with him after talking to a friend that said my attitude reflects that of a fennec fox, but really, just go with whatever animal you favor!

He sounds beautiful!  As per which animal I favour, I kind of like both equally; which only makes it even more confusing for me. 

so just make some sort of cool hybrid lol..its not hard...sometimes...but you just gotta find what you enjoy, my alt is a cheetah and i dont like felines at all XD but somehow i enjoy cheetahs. like i said find what works for you, take your fav animals and combine then haha

I am a skunk. I always loved skunks and found them really cute so years later I myself decided to have a fursona that is a skunk. Smelly yet sweet. :3

Finally found out what my fursona is:  It's a fox.  I know it's kind of generic, but it's what fits me best. :3

I have two main sonas. The first one is a german shepherd demon named Taffy and the second one is a lion named Katherine. While I have really grown attached to Taffy I do not feel she represents me the way I would like. Katherine is more "me" but I have a suit of Taffy so that is who most of the furry community see me as. 

My fursona is an Angel Dragon named Voltage. Here he is!

I know ADs are genderless, but I like putting genders on mine...

im a wolf with red ears and red eyes and a red noses with red paws and a red tail 


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