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Everybody loves David Tennant, but who else do you like? What do you think of Christopher Eccleston, or Tom Baker?

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My favorite was the Ninth, but I had found some DVD's of the fifth doctor when I was in high school. (I rented them from the library.) WILD.
Well... since I've only ever seen christopher Eccleston and David Tennant, i'm not sure. I do love Christopher, but again, David would have to top my (oh so informed) books.
David Tennant for sure, his facial expressions and just the way he says stuff is awesome!
Christopher Eccleston (9th) is definitely my doctor. ^^
I started watching from the first season of the new series, so it makes sense. =]

David Tennant is pretty cool, too, after I finally got used to him.
But Chris is still my favorite. >w/body>
David Tennant definitely. C:
My favorites are Nine, Ten, Eleven, Two and Five. :)

(Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Patrick Troughton and Peter Davison).

Although I haven't seen any episodes with Six, Seven or Eight.

So I'm no judge of them.
David Tennant! Everytime I watch an episode with the 10th doctor I walk away happy, even in the most depressing episodes!! I can't put my finger on what Tennant brings to the table that I love so much, but I would almost say the 10th doctor is my all-time favorite character, regardless of the show. I'm sure the writing has a good deal to do with this as well. I think it's a prime example of harmony between actor and writer.
David Tennant FTW!!!
David Tennant's probably my fave but i do enjoy the wit and style of Matt Smith. saw every episode of the first season of Matt Smith as the Doctor. Gotta wait till around Christmas for the new season.
Probably the tenth doctor, though I've never seen the old episodes when I was into doctor who
I really liked Christopher Eccleston as nine. I wish he would have stayed on for more series instead of just leaving after 1.
Numero TEN!!! David is so the awesomest!


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