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Ok, Fanboys and Fangirls!! Uncle Arthur wants to know! Do more of your favorite title and heroes come from the MARVEL universe or the DC universe?

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I like DC better because it's more iconic, I think
marvel. 100% they have all the best
i WAS a Marvel fan ... whats not to like ... but now that Disney has its grubby little hands on it ... im not so sure all i keep seeing is a Mickey glove with Wolverines claws coming out of it ... *SHIVER*
I am right there with you, Mike...I have a feeling that this can only end in tears!
Well, I just HAVE toweigh in on this topic... I have been a DC fan for as long as I can remember (somewhere in my collection of stuff I have a Superman bib from when I was a wee lad... complete with my spit up stains! eww.) but it has only been within the last decade or so I have actually figured out why. Despite the current state of the industry, there's one thing about DC you cannot deny: they have all the truely iconic superheros. Iconic super-fast guy? Got him. iconic female superhero? Got her. Iconic SUPERHERO, for crying out loud? Got super-him! I like mutants and spidey with the rest of 'em -but when it comes to rich history and iconic characters, it's DC all the way,baby!
I've read both and my allegience goes completely to DC.

I've always been a HUGE Green Lantern fan and after Blackest Night I've become such a big comic fan all together.

Tie. Great books and characters from both. 

Marvel. I am really worried about the Disney buy out though. Oh geez what will they do to Deadpool


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