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One of my favorite chocolate bars is Lindt 70% Dark Chocolate bar. It has the perfect balance of sweetness. However, lately my go to chocolate bar is only something that I have seen in Aldi grocery stores. It is the Moser Roth Dark Chocolate Mint. It is a wonderful texture and a nice hint of mint that does not overwhelm the coco flavor. What are your favorite chocolate bars and chocolate indulgences? 

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Until today I didn't know you have Aldi in the US. So I did some research, but I couldn't find out wether Aldi US has my favorite chocolte as well. I know Moser Roth, they have it here in Germany as well, but my absolute favorite ist the milk chocolte with whole almonds from Château. I think Choceur is pretty much the same. In Germany we have Aldi-North and Aldi-South.

I pretty much like every other kind of chocolate with almonds and nuts, 'cause it's crunchy.

Best chocolate bar:

My favorite Chocolate would have to be Regular Lindor Truffles. They have that wonderful creaminess and melt in your mouth and oh my goodness I really want one now.....

Galaxy chocolate bubbles mhmm, so good

Lindt smooth white chocolate is my new favourite, it's so heavenly 

Agreed! Lindt 70% Cacao is my favourite. I also enjoyed Lindt orange dark chocolate and the sea salt one.


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