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Hey folks! We're going to start some monthly challenges here to get our creative juices flowing!

For the first month our challenge is to illustrate our mythical beast! So draw, paint, sculpt, or whatever your mythical beast and post it in this discussion by June 10th, so we can see each others' skills!

Alright- GO!

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Kool challenge! Interested in seeing each other's works of art.
Oh No you guys! Today is the due date for our drawings. I don't know about you all, but mine isn't done! I will try to do one tomorrow and post it up here :) Anyone else??
Oh I just joined, I'd love to participate in monthly challenges! Looks like it hasn't been going though. Anyway, if your interested, my profile pic actually applies to this first challenge. I didn't want to join the kommunity till I figured out what beast i'd be, i made that piece when my friends and myself started making "monster me's" I had to hurry to decide what I'd be to join in the shenanigans.
I sculpted the cockatrice, its on my page.


there, whatever, screw it, i don't care if it's 5 years later, nothing new is happening.....behold! my one hour painting! voila!

I love it! It has motion and depth too
Art Challenge ? How do I download the image

hmm, it's kind of hard to explain.on the top of the reply thing there should be a little picture symbol, like an email

I will be painting a unicorn.


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