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I was wondering if any of you have any personal projects you are working on at the moment? I have a graphic novel (basically manga going left to right) based off of Thumbelina (some of my concept art for it is in the Beast Kreations Photos) but I have also done some commissioned work. The two pages were done for a project in which each page is done by a different person but it is all scripted by one author. Honestly I think my ability to draw eyes and proportions has improved since I did these but I thought it would be nice to share them. ^_^


Anyone have anything they wish to share? I would love to see what you have all done!

P.S. the two pages attached to this are right to left because they were done as a commission.

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Once upon a time, In the far away time of 2010, I started a personal project.  It's been scrapped over time, due to loss of interest in the project; but I still have the folder that has all the progress I ever made.  I had made a few characters, their bio sheets, and the name: New Era.  It was essentially going to be a new Japan, fresh after a revolution that the main character was born just after.  I hold the folder as a keepsake to the project I once was very excited to do, as well as inspiration for any other project I may start.  I'll post pictures of a few of the pages as well, if you want.

I've been working on a few different mangas of my own. I need to redraw them, though...


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