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Personally, I love how they burn the props after each video. Essentially establishing their own brand right out of the gate. I have high hopes for this show. What about you guys? 

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I dunno! I find it pointless! like why burn the prop every time? why not destroy the prop a different way every time? 

I guess it was just something Mike and Alex wanted to do - it does sum up their comedic chemistry lol

To your point, It would be cool to see what other ways they'd come up with though.

i think that burning the same way every prop it is just their thing, with each prop they do a different experiment but they all end up the same also if with each one of them they do a different thing the video instead of 10 minutes would be 20 

It is great. It basically sums up Mike and Alex in one action. Their awesome stupidity, their strange ideas, etc. Simply genius.

It's how each episode is each episode. You have them in a random conversation at the beginning. Something random in the middle and then the burning at the end.


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