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Dear Beasts,

This has been a big,I say BIG discussion around TheGamers so any1 who has their oppinion,please leave it on this discussion.Let's get this over with on the Rhett & Link's community!

                                                                                                                                                Sincerly yours Branko Lekic

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Play what you think is the most fun youreself.

Sure,I prefer XboxOne.But OK.


I've always been an xbox fan, but I haven't played on either one so I don't know.

Yeah me too,but I'm planing on buying an XboxOne :).

yeah,I like pc the most but there's something special in the consoles... 

While I'd say stick with the side that you like better, I bought a PS4 and am looking foward to all the awesome games I saw at E3.

I saw good games for PS4 but there are some good games for XboxOne too,but I,for some reson,like XboxOne more. :/

Not a gamer anymore. Is the console-way actually still going?... 

Heck yes it is!!!

Wouw. This war could go into the history book. The longest war.



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