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If Rhett and link were to do another will it __ such as will it taco/ice cream sandwich what do u think they should do

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Will it cookie

Will it bounce

Will it pasta?

Will it pizza? I'm not sure if they already did that though.

Will it soda?

Will it pizza? I suggest a TMNT theme where you guys eat the weird pizza orders they have on the original show such as peanut butter and clams or marshmallows and aspsaragus. It's easy to find a list of their orders on the internet (foodbeast is a good one).

How about "Will It Food" Like trying to eat un-edable things. example: Grass, dirt, bark, leaves, and paper?

Will it Mac and Cheese?

Will it liquid? Per say blending items down to a liquid and drinking them.
Will it Sloppy Joe?
Will it smoothie/milkshake
Will it ice cream like make ice cream out of diffrent things.


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