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If Rhett and link were to do another will it __ such as will it taco/ice cream sandwich what do u think they should do

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I just wish they put ice cream in a taco shell, and they'd be like, "Will it ice cream taco?".
Will it ENCHILADA! Not just the stuffing, but the sauce, and garnish.
Will it baby food, maybe? Process it until it has no texture anymore and try it

hey! what about "Will it s'more??", where instead of using crackers you use other things like two slices of eggplant?
I love this show. Thank you for doing what you do.

will it waffle the take a bunch of stuff and a waffle maker and waffle all the things and eat it then they can rate it on a scale of like presentation(how it looked) taste and then the give all the food a overall mark and find the ultimate thing to waffel

Will it shoe?

Will it PIZZA

Will it pizza topping?

1. Will it burrito? 2. Will it drink(they blend each item)?
This guy's on to somethin' ^^
Will it burger?

Will it waffle?

Can you put it in a waffle? Can you wrap it in a waffle?


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