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Hi Mythical Bests,  

There don't seem to be any Mythical meetups in Pennsylvanian. Would anyone be interested in a gathering? It would be great to meet other people from around Philadelphia. If you would like to go or help co-host comment below. Also, feel free to introduce yourself. 



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When / If you decide to move forward and host a local gathering, please let me know by posting a request at the following linked discussion thread.  I won't create an "official" MythiCon 2017 page or put it on the event map until I hear back from you or another MB who can definitely host.


My name is Rebecca. I'm 25 years old. I hate band-aids and and love cats. I found Rhett and Link over a year ago. Last, even thought I would be nerves I would like to meet other mythical people.   

I just joined, so I just saw this... my husband and I are setting up a Mythicon in Wildwood, because we'll be there that day already with our families. We don't have kids, but we have nephews... we're old like Rhett & Link, lol! Anyway, if you're able to get to the shore that day, we'll hopefully see you there!

Well, I hope Wildwood was a blast. I will have to get done there and to a mythicon next summer. 

We were there with my family for vacation, but it rained, and my husband didn't have it in him to even get out of the car! No one else showed up, LOL! It was OK ... I recorded a Wheel ending anyway by myself ;-) We'll hopefully do one next year in Philly (or suburbs).
Natalie please post up a pic of your family at Wildwoods or link the WOM video so I can include you in the MythiCon 2017 compilation poster


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