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Another one of my wierd thoughts to how to waste some time

as we all anxiously wait for the upcoming premiere of

The Mythical Show



Today I went on the Rhett & Link - Main Channel of YouTube and sorted through the entire upload catalog just to see which are the most viewed and the least viewed of the 278 videos currently available . . .



Facebook Song (

This is no big suprise.



SUNDANCE 08 - William H. Macy (8,301 views)

Now this is something I find hard to believe.  At best - - if not a single WHM fan or some random dude/dudette surfing the web has ever stumbled into this video by mistake - - only 0.751% of the 1,105,254 R&L main channel subscribers have ever taken two minutes thirty-three seconds out of their life to view this masterpiece of internetainment? How sad this is for them!


So, starting today, let's all join in the effort to get Mr. Macy out of the basement position.  It might never rocket into first place or even the Top 10 or the Top 100, but how about at least promoting it to second to last (#277) position? This requires only 87 more views to overtake the Dennis Hopper and Sam Rockwell interview and move one rung up the ladder.



Mythical Beast Commando powers activate ! ! !

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*dusts off MB Commando badge* I have already watched it at least once, but I will do so again!

Watched..... I must say, I do TONS of digging through their old stuff... but this one had slipped through my viewing "fingers".  Interesting. Did they do anything else sponsored by GM (I got shot gun)?

Last year I did a total R&L rewatch. I liked the Sundance vids! I'll share this video with my friends.  

Commando Update: as of  this post time (12:15 AM Central, Saturday, April 20, 2013)


27 more views to go!

UPDATE - - - >  June 30, 2014

8,451 views . . . that's an increase of 148 views . . . more than enough to overtake the Dennis Hopper and Sam Rockwell interview, right?




So these two are now in a virtual dead heat race.  And to top it off, the video used to be in THIRD PLACE has also had a good bit of action, and now stands at 8,518 and remains well ahead of them both.



You're a better MB than I am Gumbo, LOL....I've fallen away from this Komm but I do remember this video.   You go on with your bad self!  :)

2014?! Gumbo has a time machine! :O

Yes, I do.  Ssshhhhhh!


Oh . . . you mean the typo above.  Sorry. 

Should be June 28, 2013.  As in yesterday.

Pay no attention to my previous admission as to time travel ability.

Watchin' it!

FINAL UPDATE:  Operation Macy - - Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - - Day 86

 Thanks to all the MB's out there who helped put this one into the Completed KBE files.

I viewed and loved - YEAH!!! :)

Ha, some of the comments are "Gumbo brought me here" .


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