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I was watching an old Kast where Rhett and Link mentioned that Link looks like Dana Carvey (he totally does!)  That got me thinking, what celebrity or star would play Rhett?  And who else could play Link?  I thought this might be fun to discuss.  Please post a picture if you can. 

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Here is Link and Dana Carvey as "Garth" from "Wayne's World." :

I thought I was alone in thinking that! HaHA!

Dana Carvey was my first crush, by the way... I was three.

But, if they made a Rhett and Link movie, they'd need to play themselves for it to be any good. :)
Hahaha Sara, good call! I remember this skit from SNL. LOL and 3 is pretty young for a crush, but at least you have good taste! Dana Carvey is SO hilarious! I'm still mulling over who would play Rhett....
Link and Dana Carvey look nothing alike. That's just disturbing.
Oh, I think they look like they could be cousins. I've noticed it mainly when Link's being extra silly... like with the monkey on his shirt from the most recent "Friday Means Mail" video. It's just a funny and cute resemblance. Link is definitely cuter (and I've loved Dana for a long, long time). I think it's so funny that even they mentioned it. Which kast mentioned that, Tammy?

Tylar (Tylwyth Teg) said:
Link and Dana Carvey look nothing alike. That's just disturbing.
I think it was the Behind the Music kast.
hey hey hey. I know who should play Rhett.......Sean Connery. All he has to do a grow a thicker goatee. And also not be old.
Sorry I forgot a picture.

Just think...Have you ever seen Rhett McLaughlin and Sean Connery at the same place at the same time? THEY'RE THE SAME PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahaha Riley, that's funny! Rhett definitely has better hair.


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