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I've been super excited about the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, just man I've loved Pokemon since I was a kid! So I was thinking it'd be a super neat idea to doodle Rhett, Link, and the crew with a Pokemon that might fit them! c:

The problem is I dunno exactly wHAT Pokemon I should draw who with?

I'm thinking I'd draw Rhett with one of the Charmander evolutions, and Chase with Minccino or Cinccino!
But I'm outta ideas for everyone else, though.

If there's anyone else that's a fan of Pokemon, what Pokemon do you think who should be with? o:

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I'm not that huge o' fan but Eddie is a Snorlax, obviously uvu

omg,, that's so great yes oh my gosh thank u! o:

This is a cute thing I just had to take part in I a lot of time pair people in my mind with pokemon.

Here's what I've thought based on personality.

Rhett - Braviary or Talonflame (for his love of raptor birds)

Link - Growlite, Arcanine or Fennekin (based on his playful personality)

Jen - Geninja (since she boxes and into fitness)

Stevie - Jolteon (Cute but can still hurt you much like Stevie strikes me)

Eddie - Lucario ( Laid back and meditative like Eddie strikes me.)

Mike - Houndoom (Mike seems pretty punk at times so Houndoom just seems to fit)

Alex - Pyroar or Tyrunt ( Strong and mischevious like Alex strikes me.)

Chase - Minccino or Cinccino ( because he owns a chinchilla)

Lizzie - Vicinti (because its cute and I think personally Lizzie would love it.)

Ones I haven't thought of yet.

Drew -


Kevin -

Becca -

@ Sam (Drawolf)- aaA WOA THAt's so neat oh my goodness, I aDORE Your pairings and also why you think they'd fit my gosh *o*

I think I'm gunna do two for Rhett and Link omg, bc I wanna draw him with a Charmander in reference to the Rub Some Bacon On It (because he had a massive Charmander plush) buT I ADORE THE IDEA OF HIM WITH BRAVIARY OR TALONFLAME They're just SO FITTING!! These are so good

Jen with a Greninja would be so cool omg, Greninja is what I had in Pokemon X! o:
On that note I think she'd be cool with a Hitmonchan too?

I'm not sure why but for some reason Daniela struck me as Roselia or Roserade?

These are so cool though wow thank you so much for sharing! O;
(also sorry I forgot 2 make this reply to ur comment whoops)


I can see Rhett totally having a Charmander too! He kinda fits a serious Charmeleon at times lol I also picture Rhett as being a really serious Gym Leader

I think Jen could run her own pokemon dojo and totally a Hitmonchan! I thought of him initially too I don't know why I didn't put it down.

I like your thoughts for Daniela I see her being very centered and Zen and those pokemon really compliment her personality. I'm happy to share, this kinda thing I love thinking about. :)

I can imagine Link cuddling with either a Furfrou, Growlithe, or Lillipup (it will evolve bigger and fluffier, so that's a plus).

I picture Jen with Eevee, in fact she even posted a picture on Instagram of her dressed as Eevee.

Oooo wOA really? That's radical omg, an Eevee feels like a must now! o;

Hope it's okay to comment even if it's super old ;u;

I think I would give Rhett and Link a Pokemon that works in pair, like Plusle and Minun.

Chase would definitely have Minccino there is no point in trying to find something else lol!!

Stevie -> Espeon

Since these hairstyle episode I tots see Alex with a Furfou lmao

And I have no idea about other pairings there is so many to choose from ahah

omg it's totally okay! New comments are always welcome~

Aaa a matching pair for Rhett and Link would be super-duper cute! O;

and oooooh I really love the idea of an Espeon for Stevie! That hadn't occurred to me and I love it a lot~

Alex and Furfou with matching hair/fur tho that'd be super great omg

Thank you buddy!! These are all super awesome heck yea nvn/


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