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  • Pokemon Battle
  • Link is a vampire
  • Rhett roasts Link
  • Rhett is a robot

Have Jason do the ending.

Rhett's a mime and Link translates.

OH, and "Rhett tells Link the truth about the tooth fairy."

haha! this ones funny!

link or rhett dies of embarrassment

Rhett/Link puts (respective) wife on speakerphone to end the episode.

I second this suggestion. It might need to be a special spot on the wheel.

Hrrmmmm... Rhett is a dragon, and Link is a knight. Let the battle commence!
Rhett becomes afraid of heights, standing up. While Link tries to calm him down and end the show

That would be HILARIOUS.

Link hallucinates that Rhett's hair is a popsicle.


Rhett proposes to Link.


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