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Wheel suggestions:  

-Link freestyle rap, Rhett beat box

-Sing Dancing on the Ceiling (Lionel Richie) in spanish

-Belly dance

-Human pyramid with Jason on top

-Jedi battle

i love the jedi battle idea

Link mentions Justin Bieber and Rhett gets mad (Rhett made it a rule NOT to discuss Justin Bieber)

end the episode in the dark

the floor becomes lava

Rhett and Link are Lewis and Clark

Rhett and Link are hobos

Rhett and Link play tic-tac-toe



Rhett and Link disappear

Rhett and Link are both 6 years old and are arguing over a toy

Rhett and Link are spies

Rhett and Link disappear

  • Rhett and Link are lumberjacks in Oregon Territory (and they're ok ;)
  • Rhett and Link are news reporters
  • Rhett is a psychaiatrist and Link is the patient (or vice versa)
  • Rhett and Link are siamese twins
  • Rhett and Link are surgeons performing  an operation
  • Rhett and Link talk in german accents
  • Rhett and Link do NOTHING!
  • Rhett and Link  catch fire spontaneously
  • Rhett and Link play Rock Paper Scissors



My idea for The Wheel would probably be Something along the lines of Link goes Blind and Rhett goes deaf.


just watched the gmm one direction episode so rhett and link end show as jealous boy band members


Rhett is whiny five-year-old at a pageant, and link is a soccer mom. (a mom who is overly obsessed with her child)

-R&L compete for Homecoming King

-Link is paranoid/scared of everything

-Awkwardly stare at the camera

-MORE INTERPRETIVE DANCING (since it was hilarious)

-Link is a genie and Rhett has 3 wishes

-Rhett is THAT annoying customer at a restaurant

How about, Link acts like a sophisticated English man, and Rhett acts like a stereotypical Yankee from Alabama.


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