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oh okay :P i'm still catching up on GMM Season 1

-Link gives Rhett a dare of his choice

-Bird calls

-A serious discussion about butterflies

-Wizard's Duel

Rhett draws a mustache on Link.... :D

with  permanent marker

1. Rhett and Link transform into dinosaurs
2. Rhett is a shark and Link is a dolphin
3. 80's workout video

rhett and link have to show us what is behind the camera

My guess is a wall and a door. The studio seems pretty small. :P

Don't forget Jason. =P

We heard just this week (Episode #7 - - Adventures in Runnning Out of Gas) that the studio is located in Rhett's back yard, so my guess would be bicycles, a lawnmower and assorted tools and garage storage items.

They have their whole crew back there.

Its the same studio as GMCL (Good Morning Chia-Lincoln). Chia-Lincoln was shot to the left of where GMM is shot and in Chia-Lincoln you can see where GMM is currently shot in the top right corner of the screen so if you look on the left side you can see whats behind the camera in GMM

It is not shot in the same studio. GMCL was shot when they were still in NC, while they are now in LA for GMM.


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