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Rhett gives Link a piggy back ride in public

Wheel Suggestion: Rhett is having a baby and Link is the deliverer. 

Rhett and Link join hands and rejoice.

// Wheel suggestions //
Link admits his glasses are just for show
Rhett and Link find out they are biological brothers
A serial  killer enters the studio
Oscar selfie with the crew
Emotional speech for the Mythical Beasts
Shoutout to the Philippines :D

rhett and link have a staring contest

link is a six yr old who wont get a cookie

Rhett overcomes his fear of the wheel of mythicality

Wheel suggestion: Rhett and Link just find out what global warming is and thinks there going to die

Rhett invents an invisible light switch- Link is skeptical

Rhett and Link are ghost hunters

Rhett tries to sell his used kleenex as art- Link isn't buying

Link thinks Rhett stole his lucky pen

Rhett decides to wrap up Link & give him to his (Link's)  family as a present. 

R&L have a shuffling (dance) contest

R&L act like their wives, going out shopping

-My apologies if any of these have already been done or suggested, not caught up on all the shows.

Rhett is making awesome balloon animals for exuberant 5-year old Link's birthday party.
Wheel suggestion: link is allergic to Rhett
Wheel suggestions:

1: Rhett and Link are two enemy girls who compare each other to who's better.

2: Rhett has Link-o-phobia

3: Rhett and Link are gangsters

4: Link thinks that nobody such as Rhett exists even though he is sitting right there

5: Link is the mom of Rhett


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