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wheel suggestions: Rhett halucinates--

                                   Rhett and Link go skydiving-

                                   -Rhet and Link climbing a mountain-

                                  -Link being attacked by a hawk

The hallucinate one is awesome xD


So true dude

Hallucination is a great idea! :D

Wheel suggestion: swap hair styles


You know i was gonna say that. 

Imagine if Links hair went up....

What would that look like

Im readong this in 2017 LOL!

Beat me to it! I suspect Link would look incredible with his hair up. This is what happened to Ian Hecox from Smosh when his hair was slicked back.

Goodness gracious agreed!

Yeah if they would dress up, and try different styles they would look darn good

only try it like once or somethin

I found this picture of Rhett and Link on Rhett's Instagram....Link's hair isn't exactly up, but it is slicked back...link is right here -> http://instagram.com/p/XyWoL_w7V3/


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