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The title says it all!
What is it? Why do you like/dislike it?

Favorite: The Train. I like the loud horn and the sound of the wheels scraping against the tracks.
Least Favorite: The nasty shuffle scrape noise my dad's walker makes.

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Ooh! This was in the James Lipton Questionnaire. My least favorite sound is ALARM CLOCKS. I looove nature sounds, like rivers and creeks... super peaceful!

Favorite: RAIN. Is that even a question?

Least favorite: Bad music. Which is really like most music you hear in public places. Also, styrofoam scraping on styrofoam. sdlkbgsdlkfbg

Good question. I'd have to go with water as my favorite sound. Rivers, rain, splashing water, water on the shore, I love it all. Least favorite? I hate the sounds of a noisy eater. Chewing with mouth open/talking with a mouth full of food, slurping, smacking lips...blehhh. I also don't like squeaky car breaks, they kill my ears.

Ew, I hate that too, Jess! My sister is the nastiest eater ever.,

I hate that gross sound that straws make when there is no more liquid left to suck up, 1. because its annoying and 2. because it means your drink is gone.

I like the sound that soda/pop cans make when you open them *crack, pop, sizzle* my friend and I used to make people stop talking at the table just so we could listen to it. haha!

(yes i realize that both my sounds are drink related..)

Favorite: the click my ipod makes when i lock it

Least Favorite: styrofoam

Least fav: I have to go with Tylar, Alarm Clocks. (Unless it means you are going somewhere awesome like a vacation...which is rare.)

Favorite: Laugher! It's why I love Rhett and Link and why I love coming on the Komm.

 (Kevin: Rain?! I grew up in Vancouver and have spent more than enough time listening to rain. I'm over it. ;) )

This is going to sound weird, but my favorite sound is a round being chambered. It brings back memories of being out with my friends, and when I heard that sound I always knew that no matter what, my buddies were looking out fro me, and I for them.

Least favorite, a loud crowd of people. Once again, because of memories associated with it.

Alan, That's such a lovely thing to associate that sound with. ^^

Favorite: none

Least Favorite: Styrofoam squeaking against another piece of Styrofoam.

i hate styrofoam too

Katie Schumacher (aspidochelone) said:

Favorite: the click my ipod makes when i lock it

Least Favorite: styrofoam


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