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WHAT'S YOUR COMPUTER WALLPAER OR SCREEN-SAVER??!! I bet that there are some pretty interesting ones!! :) (:

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before that walker was this flaming tie fighter



National Geographic has the best wallpapers! 

Full metal alchemist wallpaper :)

NOT ME!  keep it all right on top where i can find it . . .

moosepig said:

i like to keep .my desktop as minimalist as possible.


my doggy Lady :)

we had to put her down in December because she had cancer :(

the cover for up to this point. :D
LEAVES! Green leaves with sunlight shining through them. I grew up in a forest and, being at college, I miss the trees over my head.
A large picture of Darren Criss.
This is my desktop photo. i organize my items by category that they fall into. i made the photo. its actually pretty simple. i googled my favorite color, picked a photo of something that color, and clicked and draged to my desktop. from there i saved as a pdf file. then i just put in the text strategically so that they gave enough room for what i need to put there. you see i need a lot of space for "writings" :D
it's changed i redid it, i posted the new one. :D

Kazuko Murakami (the jade ninja) said:
the cover for up to this point. :D

This has been my wallpaper for years - on at least three different computers. It's a painting by Mickey Dolenz (my favorite Monkee) of The Monkees (my favorite band ever - even though they weren't a "real" band) It's called the Oh-No Zone. I'm a HUGE Monkees fan. My mouse pad is the Monkees. The sound when my computer turns on is the Monkees. My checkbook cover is a Monkee. I'm sorry, did I mention I love The Monkees?


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