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Are you a beach-goer? Or are you content with staying under the air conditioning?

Well, my family and I are heading off to the beach in a couple of weeks, and then it's band camp when I get back.

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I am working at a Christian community center. I am the music director, so I pick all of the music for chapel services. It's a lot of fun, and I get to hang out with some pretty cool and amazing kids. I also work a side job for our Office of Information Technology at Indiana State as a computer lab consultant (I make sure people are following the rules).

I'm also participating in a choral conducting masterclass for our Indiana Choral Director's Assoc. later this summer. Exciting... and yet so terrifying at the same time!

Have fun at the beach, and at band camp! I sing in choir, so I never went to band camp... but we did have several choir camps!!
Unfortunately this summer won't be all fun, I am behind on my school classes so I will be doing school throughout the summer but that doesn't mean I won't be doing anything.

I am going to go to my friends lake house for a week or so, we are just going to hangout, go out on the lake to do some tubing, mostly we will just be chilling so that will be fun.

I am doing nothing else until Labor Day which is when I am volunteering as a Standard Bearer (the person who walks on the course with the score sign) at the PGA Deustche Bank Championship in Norton Masachussettes. Me my dad and my two brothers are all volunteering there for the weekend so it should be a fun time, we get to meet some famous golfers, my dad is even working with Tiger Woods for the Pro-am so that is cool.

Other than that not much else, will be working on my CBE entry of course but will mostly be enjoying the weather.

I've never been to camp, hope you have fun!
What I am planning to do with my summer is work on my art some more and get ready for a show next October. also, work on my CBE for the Kommunity.
I need to go over the math in my brain to make sure I'm ready for a statistics course thats coming up this fall.

Besides that if I can find a cheap way to get there I'm heading on over to Hershey Park. Then I might catch a baseball game but more importantly I need to feed my need to ride some roller coasters. :)
Right now I'm just trying to find a job. I'm home at the parents' house for the foreseeable future, having just returned from 4 years at college and anticipating student teaching in August. Unfortunately as time goes on without finding a job, the harder it gets, because obviously employers aren't looking for someone who can only work for 1.5 months. I've lost count of everything I've applied for, but it's somewhere around 25 applications and resumes. I'm now hoping for summer festivals who need food/cashier people.

Other than that, I've been reclaiming my bedroom, which was gradually taken over by exercise and photography equipment over the years. The only thing that's not mine that is still in the room is a treadmill that unfortunately is too heavy for us to move. But I have covered the ugly powder blue paint, repositioned a wall-mounted bookshelf, and created a nice little private and grown-up living area for myself. I've got most of what I can fit of my stuff up here, but there's still several boxes of my things in the garage, and I'll still go out there occasionally to bring something else to fit in.


I'm in a state of limbo.
This summer I plan on redecorating my entire house and spending some time on the lake. I just quit my horrible, dead end, unrewarding job. So I have lots of time on my hands! I just finished my kitchen renovation and it looks amazing! I get more paint on the floor than the walls half the time though. I also plan on taking a vacation before school starts. Anywhere with a beach and cute guys would be great! But no set plans yet. I have never been camping before. Like with a tent and bugs and all that. So I'm going to try and get some friends together and go for it!
Hope all of you guys have a safe and fun filled summer! Don't forget the SPF 40!
I live in Florida and it gets way too hot to be outside! I've just been chillin' inside my house. Mmmm....air conditioning...lol.


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