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what do i get him for Christmas??

1st order of priority my dad....

likes: golf, puzzles, writing, and comedy

dislikes: not much.

price range: 15-25 dollars


2nd order of priority....

my boyfriend, Kyle

likes: video games, claim jumpers (a fancy restaurant in our area where both of eat the same exact thing every time), Zabuza and Kisame from Naruto because they have big swords, and for no other reason (he doesn't even watch or read Naruto haha.) money (but i don't wanna get him money, it's not sentimental enough.),  and harry potter, watching Justinicus Biebericus get hit with a water bottle repeatedly, water bottles (because of the latter)

dislikes:T-W-I-light, Facabooke, Justinicus Biebericus, his dress suit that nearly chokes him half to death

price range: 15-25 dollars


well let me know what you think. :D






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For your dad:


You can always get him a credit-card toolkit (seriously, it's pretty freaking cool). Or you could get him something that makes my dad laugh all the time, a DVD of Gabriel Iglesias doing his stand-up. Or you can go ahead and break the bank with a Tron Motorcycle.


For your boyfriend:


You could buy him some pretty amazing Wizard Rock albums by Ministry of Magic, The Remus Lupins, orHarry and the Potters (or all of the above).  This is a little out of your price range, but it's probably the coolest water bottle you'll ever see.


For both:


There's the great not-so-children's book, "All My Friends Are Dead" to stimulate the mind, the world's largest gummy worm to much on while reading, and a flying car to get away from their troubles.


Hope that helped!

good god! that helped a bunch! thanks! i already got Kyle (my BF) a gift though, a set of two keychains, one for me and one for him, that are made for couples.


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