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What is your Mythical Beast name, Why did you pick it and what does it mean???

Please tell us your mythical name
Why did you choose this name for yourself
What does it means???

Mine is Horphin.
Horse and Dolphin
I chose this name because I love these two animals.
The horse is a great and wonderful land animal. When Jesus comes back He will be on a White horse.
I love the dolphin becasue of it's gentleness and grace when you see them swimming. I first feel in love the dolphin when I was a little girl after watching "Flipper". The island of the blue Dolphin was one of my favorite books and movie.

There are my reason for my name what is yours?

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Mine's the very, VERY, rare "Dextria". A llama with hair, make-up and special hooves for optimal pen-grip.
I'm Abaia, a huge magical eel.
I picked this one for a few reasons. One because I really like the word 'magical'. Also because MGMT, one of my favorite bands, has a lyric in one of their songs that is "shock me like an electric eel" which also made me pick it. I also have always thought that eels are very interesting animals.
Salerbatis -- Pronunciation: \sā-lər-bā-tis\

Etymology: Latin
Salerbatis is a Latin term for what is commonly known as a Siren. Directly translated it means "sailor bait".

Sirens lure sailors to their deaths by distracting them with enchanting songs until the poor fellows crash their ships into the rocks. I like to think that I have a voice that could sink a thousand ships. (you can interpret the last sentence however you like...)
Legend says that within the deepness of the lakes of Melanesia, lives Abaia, a gigantic eel-like creatures who guards all of the fish within that lake. Technically, Abaia is not a mermaid but a monster of the deep, but deserves a place on this website. Abaia believes that all the fish in the lake are her children, so woe-betide anyone who fishes in the lake as Abaia will swish her tail and cause a tidal wave to sweep all those who endanger her children away

Abaia is said to have magical powers and can cause floods which will drown those harming her children.

This is from what you sent me, Jeanette :)
I don't have one.
We need to get you one ;-)

Anthony Lanting said:
I don't have one.
I chose "Raeful Ladybug" because my middle name is "Rae" and I love ladybugs. I have a children's storybook idea about a ladybug character named Lilly and my studio name is named after Lilly the Ladybug. I've always had a fondness for ladybugs and Lilly the Ladybug has brought lots of inspiration for my artwork & creative endeavors. :-)
Octotektite- Octorok and Tektite- foes from the Legend of Zelda game series
Octoroks are round and hard shelled or sometimes jellyfish-like creatures that have a round snout with which to shoot rocks. They have appeared in every Zelda game in the series. In order to defeat them, Link must target them and put up his shield to deflect the rock back at it.
Tektites are four legged, one eyed, jumping spider-like creatures. They have hard exoskeletons and can jump on the surface of water as well as land. A vertical sword slash usually does away with these critters quickly.
I didn't look these up.. I already knew this information.. am I a nerg or what? (nerg is a nerd-geek)
my profile photog is my concept of an octotektite.
I think we've had this discussion a long time ago, but I don't mind repeating. I'm the Gaelic Thistlefish which is a combination of part of my heritage (Gaelic), the flower of Scotland (thistle) and the Celtic horoscope (Salmon for August). But here's what a true Gaelic Thistlefish is:

The Gaelic Thistlefish is a plaid Scottish fish, resembling a salmon, but with varying plaid designs and sharp Velcro-like ‘barbs.’ When caught, the immature thistlefish can be hung from any nappy fabric as a trophy. Wise and knowledgeable, the thistlefish is a visionary. They are also tasty with tartar sauce which brings out the Tartan flavor.

The mature thistlefish loses the barbs and replaces them with long reed-like protrusions and a bloated plaid belly. They are often mistaken for bagpipes, but this is far from the truth as they are very difficult to play, producing only a loud, raspy, screeching noise. It is rumored that all bagpipes are in actuality Gaelic thistlefish.
a were-penguin is like a were-wolf but it is a penguin
My mythical beast name is An Púca. It is a fairy from Ireland that can shapeshift but is normally seen as a black horse with yellow eyes. I picked this because I am from Ireland and I wanted to be an Irish mythical beast :-)
Actually, mine was pretty much decided for me. When my Dad and I won the KBE for the "Spannerman" video, Rhett liked the "Groff " part of my name so much, I knew I would have to incorporate that, and Gryphon--or Griffen--came to mind, so I became "Groffgryphon". The griffen has been described different ways, but almost always with wings, lion's body, and an eagle's head. Actually, I wonder if it's origin is based on the winged creatures that surround the throne of God as described in Revelation and Ezekiel, though the eyes and wheels are not mentioned.
I guess a groffgryphon can also sing the Spiderman theme tune.


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