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Sometimes you look at someone's name and see their beast in parenthesis. You also may wonder what it is. Well, here you can explain yours and learn about others! Feel free to comment about others and to post your own!

Here is mine:

The Cheshirepit*

The Cheshirepit is a Cheshire cat  and pit bull put together to form a smiling, adorable,friendly, Cheshirepit! 

Okay, that's mine! Your turn!

*File attached. It is also my profile picture.

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A big rat

Picture Yoda with fur, and a natural ability to climb, with a little bit of squirreliness, and a big bushy tail.

Mine is a deer and unicorn, but it's horn is made of corn(for fun).

We can think of some pretty weird things, lol

I am changing mine today!


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