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I wanna record a cover of a Rhett and Link song, and upload it to the Kommunity. I most likely will do more than one! SO YOU decide!!!! Reply with your suggestions! :)

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ooooo so hart to pick.....lets see...... oh how bout Internet Overdose

I'm a big fan of Cornhole, Facebook, and Squirrel Rights myself.

I want to know what you can do with the Wal-Mart song. :)

Ooooooo They are all so good! I might end up doing ALL of those! :)

Right now I'm workin' on it! :) Keep a look out for it comin up!

BananaAnna2008(Anna Pitts)Ritchu said:

ooo I like the idea of the Walmart Song better :)

IT'S HERE! I sing "Squirrel Rights" and "Wal-Mart Song"!! 

Wal-Mart Song:


Squirrel Rights:



I'm 12, so I'm not great. I am most likely uploading more. So keep requestin!


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