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It's a RhettandLinKommunity EXCLUSIVE! I just uploaded an instrumental version of an up-coming music video. It's in the Kommunity music player. It's also attached below (within this discussion). So you can download it for FREE from here!

Our Space Junk will appear on the Science Channel's Brink *next Thursday 6/25 at 8pm*. What do you think of the instrumental? Any predictions on what direction we're taking the final song and video? Comment away!

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It sounds awesome! I am incredibly excited.
LOL the picture is FUNNY and fitting lol
its awesome thanks Link
Now, don't give away what we shot Mike! hahaha.
lol no worries i didnt :P but it was fun SOOO much fun
Oh! I was expecting the 80's song and it sounded a lot less hard core... but still fit the 80s syth style

I'll have to post that one soon. "In The 80's"
I can only imagine what the final song and/or video will be about...This raises more questions than it answers, but that's a good thing. *sits on edge of seat*
Oh, I'm excited to hear the full thing! Awesome!
Super cool. I love the vocal around 1:00, very attention grabbing.
Personally, I like the instrumental version. The beat is just great and catchy. As for predictions as to the direction your taking. I think that maybe this time instead of taking a humorous approach you will do a more serious type of video. It will be very entertaining as everything you guys do. But, a little more on the serios side.I love everything that you guys do. So,no matter what direction you take I will love it.
It definitely sounds spacey-and kind of like something futuristic from the 80s. I like it.
this sounds great. its very exciting!


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