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I know that this is the RhettandLinKommunity, but the Grateful Dead has its 'Dead Heads,' Jimmy Buffett has 'Parrot Heads.' Not that we have to be 'Heads' of any sort, but I was wondering what Rhett and Link fans call themselves. Do we have a cool name too, or are we just fans? 'Kommies' doesn't cut it for me. Any suggestions or is there a name I don't know about?

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That's a good one.
reminds me of the red barn commercial...but could be construed as racist for those who have no klue.
I like 'The Internetained'!
How about 'The Kasters' ? just a thought.
Ok go with me on this for abit. The Kommunity is sort of like a mini version of Lillington in a way. Little Italy has Little infront of it because its not really italy.

Therfore my suggestion is Little Lillingtonians.
good one, Ben.
You know, I've wondered this myself, but I can't think of anything original and perfectly fitting.

So far I like the Internetained, but I think we need a noun so one could say, "I'm a/an _________" instead of "I am one of the Internetained" or "I'm Internetained." Almost sounds like "I'm one of the enlightened..." (which I suppose is true...)

Oh! Oh! How about we just call ourselves "Internetainees"?

(welcome to my world of thinking out loud)
Internetainees all the way!
How about the R&L Fan intertainment Group, or to shorten it. R&Ls Fantertainment Group. I made up the word so sorry about any misspellings.
I believe we are all part of the Rhinkerdom.
rhettandlinkians =] or something along the lines of that.
example: I'm rinkled. I love rinkles. Have you seen my rinkles? OMG where did all these rinkles come from? ect....


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