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I know that this is the RhettandLinKommunity, but the Grateful Dead has its 'Dead Heads,' Jimmy Buffett has 'Parrot Heads.' Not that we have to be 'Heads' of any sort, but I was wondering what Rhett and Link fans call themselves. Do we have a cool name too, or are we just fans? 'Kommies' doesn't cut it for me. Any suggestions or is there a name I don't know about?

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The Internetained
That's now one of my favorites.
The Internetained... I like it.
Me, too! :)
Yea, I like that...it goes with the flow....
This is great!
I like The Internetained, Rhett and Link'uns, Randlings, or Unibrowsers. There should definitely be a poll. xD
I vote Internetained. :D
I think the internetained is really good
I like the Internetained too. It's fitting, although Unibrowsers appeals to my skewed sense of humor. How about simply Rhett&LinKasters? Not particularly creative, but it fits too.
I like Rhett and Link'uns!
Rhett&LinKlan (Rhett and Link Clan)


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