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I know that this is the RhettandLinKommunity, but the Grateful Dead has its 'Dead Heads,' Jimmy Buffett has 'Parrot Heads.' Not that we have to be 'Heads' of any sort, but I was wondering what Rhett and Link fans call themselves. Do we have a cool name too, or are we just fans? 'Kommies' doesn't cut it for me. Any suggestions or is there a name I don't know about?

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mythical beasts of course!
Call me a conservative mind, but I don't want to be a R&Ler, I wanna stick with being a unique, and original, my own Mythical Beast. I find that calling yourself a Beast gets more interest from people and makes them excited to hear about R&L.

REMINDER:  this is a very old discussion thread that was never closed after the decisions were made by popular vote back in 2009 - -

  • members of the Kommunity are referred to as Mythical Beasts (or MBs for short)
  • the RandLer  is the actual name of the Kommunity Mascot which appears on the great seal and based on the original design as submitted by Eve - Elelina Waara (Dextria) in September 2009.  

PS - if you want to see all the submitted RandLer images, they are still archived HERE 

I thought we were mythical beasts. I know i am proud mythical beasts.




This thread should have been closed a long time ago. This discussion was started in 2009 when the R & L website was brand new and we had no name for ourselves. This started a KBE and it's how we got the name of Mythical Beasts, which we have had for over two years now. Mods, please close this thread. Thanks.

I know, I just felt like sayin' it :P

It's a good thing to say, Emily. :)

We are the Mythical Beasts!


Inspiration taken from GMM.


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