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We all are good at something -some more than others. I want you Mythical Beasts to pour your hearts out and explain to us all what makes you special! What do you bring to your city, this Kommunity, the WORLD!? 

Here is an example: I write! I've written numerous stories and even a short novel! :) 

be as detailed as you want

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Wow, I am impressed! :) Sounds like you have a good handle on a lot of different things. I play piano also.

Well... I'm an actor, so that's my "talent". Though I don't really see it as my talent, I see it as my job, so I'm constantly trying to improve.

That's awesome! What kind of acting do you do?

I do film and television. It's a lot of fun.

I write and act and play the violin. My mom likes my drawings. I also make pretty awesome sugar cookies. 

I love drawing and anything art-related. Couldn't go a day without it.

I'm also pretty darn good at falling down the stairs. I do it all the time.

*high fives for awesome klutziness* me too, Jessica. Me too.

I can make fart noises when I press my hands together.

YEAH RIGHT!  a likely story . . . since you were wearing MITTENS at the time

I am good at speaking different languages. After only a small amount of indonesian lessons I was able to have a conversation with an indonesian man at the central market.

I have also been told that i am pretty good at cooking desserts

Oh my... :) that's cool

That's so awesome, Jesse! :) I've always thought people who could rap were pretty cool



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