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We all are good at something -some more than others. I want you Mythical Beasts to pour your hearts out and explain to us all what makes you special! What do you bring to your city, this Kommunity, the WORLD!? 

Here is an example: I write! I've written numerous stories and even a short novel! :) 

be as detailed as you want

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I am a writer for a fiction magazine, I've been a freelance for about 2 years now and have had my work published for everyone to see. So I guess my mythical talent is writing from the heart.

Wow!!! I feel honored to be in your presence! :P

I don't exactly know what to write, but I'm told I'm VERY attractive ;)

That is a very good talent to have. :)

Haha, yes. Very good talent indeed

Actually I'm pretty good at baseball, AND I'm attractive ;)

I like to write, but haven't gotten anything published yet...I make youtube videos

Cool. Do you have a channel? If so, what is it?

Singing, dancing, writing, drawing/painting, entertaining in a nutshell :)

Beautiful, Maggie!!! I love to do those as well!

Good to have some kindred spirits on here

I play piano and harmonica. I draw sketch on paper and draw on the computer. I sing ok. I know a little hip-hop. I write a bit, and am in the planning stages of an epic fantasy series, but it's a big project so it will be a long time before I publish it. I am talented in all this but my skills are amateur, so I'm trying to improve.

It sounds like your quite talented already. In writing there is always room for improvement.


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