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In todays episode of #GMM Good Mythical Morning (Episode 311) Rhett and Link talked more about the Twitter war for custody of the hash tag #GMM. But Rhett referred to us(the Fans, Mythical Beasts) as a herd. Link thought this was a bad name, he thought it sounded like Rhett was calling us Elephants. So I made this discussion to come up with a better name when referring to us a group.

Watch todays episode of GMM:


More information on the #HASHTAGWAR!


Thanks! And stay MYTHICAL, beasts!

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I think we're still just the Mythical Beasts. Though Rhett was trying to come up with a singular word meaning a group of Mythical Beasts, I'm not quite sure we could find something suitable there. However, I would still be open to suggestions!

I suggest we come up with our own word. Maybe a portmanteau word that is a combination of our favorite suggestions?

Ya, I know we are the Kommunity, but typing Kommunity is long and non beasts think Komm is wierd. So.... Im open to ideas! Thats why I created this discussion.

There are various names for groupings of animals and beasts . . .


Wolves travel in a pack, lions in a pride, a flock of geese, a covey of quail, etc. etc. etc.


Some of the more unusual include:

  • apes = shrewdness
  • bears = sleuth
  • crows = murder
  • pigs = sounder
  • vipers = generation


I believe that a KOMMUNITY is still the best way to describe a group of mythical beasts.

I like pack or covey.  Covey more.

Or how bout a Covey Kommunity?

What the heck is a Covey? It sure sounds awesome!

This is very true. Thanks for the input!

A group of ferrets is a business,  and the Komm is a business in a way (with the KBE's and stuff). 

I'd prefer "The Kommunity" though.

I'm pushin' for "parliament" here

It's a group of owls (cool) plus it's fancy

A parliament of Mythical Beasts

it's cool

Yes it is.


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