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So . . . when (not "if") Rhett and Link win this WEBBY Award they can choose to accept it in person at the awards ceremony to be held on Monday, May 19th 2014 at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City.


The winners can make an acceptance speech which is limited to only


How would you suggest the dynamic duo take and own this moment in the spotlight?


Here are just a few of the notable speeches from last year:

(complete list of the past 14 years  available at http://www.webbyawards.com/press/speeches.php)



Tribal DDB Worldwide: "We're hiring, send your resumes."

Steve Wilhite: "it's prounounced jif not gif"

House of Cards: "the oscars, should do this."


Religion & Spirituality

Huffington Post Media Group - People's Voice: "Salam, shalom, shanti, patchi, peace"

Performance & Craft

PBS - Webby & People's Voice: "here's an idea...thank you"

Public Service & Activism (Channel)

The Uncultured Project - Webby & People's Voice: "Don't forget to be awesome."

Comedy: Individual Short or Episode < the category R&L will win this year!

CollegeHumor - People's Voice: Now also Star Wars humor!


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My suggestion: 

R&L saunter out onto the stage, pausing to wave to the crowd, perhaps take a bow or two . . . Rhett stands on the left with a guitar . . . Link stands on the right and accepts the trophy from the presenter . . . and they Rhett strikes a single chord as they shout out, in unison with perpect pitch and mythical harmony . . .


"Minimize the moment of nakedness."

. . . of course, they could kill 2 (or more) birds with one stone by dressing appropriately . . .

"We rubbed bacon on it."

...Sorry, I had to...

Or, "Lionel Richie is here, right?" 

I agree with Alexis... 

Rub some bacon on it- or some derivative of that phrase- would be great! 

However, if they were somehow able to bring a Nilla Wafer Top Hat with them, then obviously NWTHT wins out. 

  1. "Thanks a lot for voting."
  2. "Hold on, how many words?
  3. "I'm confused, how many words?"

"Always be your mythical best"

"Thankfulness... let's talk about that"

I like both of these, especially the second one :-)

"First rule: No Justin Bieber." 

"What are we here for?"

Good mythical Webby... Dance Time!!!


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