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Here is the HIPPOGRIFF design that Corey submitted in the latest round of the Project Open Squish contest.  Even better . . . if this one gets enough votes to go into production, he promises to work on a Squishable Randler next. 

And who wouldn't want one of those?




I have figured out that this Project Open Squish voting works on an "AVERAGE SCORE" for each of the 20 submitted designs . . . so if you vote 5 for Corey and 1 or 2 for the others there is more of an effect on Corey's overall score.  As a bonus, voting for all 20 available designs unlocks the Secret Menu ~ a hidden nook for Super Squishy fans ~ and allows you access to special items and sale deals.


and vote at:


Squishable Hippogriff

The Book of Mythicality (EDITING IN PROCESS).docx

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I voted! Good luck, Corey!

Very cool! Good luck Mr. Chicken. :)

Thanks all! I have a few more designs in upcoming rounds... this Hippogriff is the most Mythical of the bunch- let's make it happen!


The polls close tomorrow at midnight, and right now the future does not look bright for out candidate!


Right now Corey's Hippogriff is languishing in a tie for 11th place and well below the 3.8 average score required to go into production.  You might just have to settle for a sea otter,  fancy horned fox or dodo bird instead.



How do you pick a winner in Open Squish?

Is it whoever gets the highest score each round?
Glad you asked! Basically, yes, but with a twist! To make voting fair for the artists, Open Squish winners are those scoring highest in their round, who score above the minimum voting threshold (right now that’s a 3.8 or above). If more than one design scores above the threshold, we’ll consider making TWO! That way, even though round selection for designs is random, really popular designs won’t miss out just because they happen to be placed in a round with OTHER really popular designs.

Voted and posted on Facebook

Voted, of course. I hope you get in!


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