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In the tradition of Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, name two (or more) things you like to eat together that don't necessarily seem like an obvious combo.   Perhaps some enlightening or at least entertaining  gastronomical insights will come of this, now tawk amungst yaselves.


Me: peanut butter and bananas on french toast with syrup.

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I personally like steamed cauliflower and A1 steak sauce. A different one that I tried when I was really into Doctor Who is fish sticks and cheescake pudding. SO GOOD.
Humous on ready salted crisps (chips) try it it's amazing!

This is an early prediction, which could be proven wrong later, but Shaelah's A1 sauce on steamed cauliflower could be the most unexpected combo we'll see here.


"I like mustard on my biscuits, um hum" (in a gravely voice)

Bbq sauce on Macncheese

Bbq sauce on grilled cheese

Bbq sauce on wraps

Bbq sauce on Spanakopita

....I really like bbq sauce.

rice, cheese, & ketchup.  yummers.


peanut butter & pringles


cream cheese, beef, onion, rice, broccoli


pumpkin+beef+egg+wooster sauce+rice+black beans+pinto beans= naked burgers!  Deliciousness in a patty.

Fries with mayo and ketchup mixed

French fries dipped in cocktail sauce. Trust me, it's good.

Oh and Nutella and anything on this earth. xD

fresh pineapple, lemon juice & cayenne pepper = sweet + sour + hot = deliciousness
Juice concentrate and water!
Ramen Noodles and a Breaded Chicken sandwhich (with ketchup, mayo, and lettuce on it). GOODNESS!
Snickers and orange juice. :)
hot boffolo wings (bad spelling) and sour cream :)


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