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Hi all,

I am currently making a Time Rangerers Game on Gamemaker! It is a (kind of) 8-bit platformer where you can play as Rhett or Link and play through the episodes of Time Rangerers! If someone could provide me with backgrounds and some background music it would help a lot!

Thanks for helping my mythical ventures,

Laurence (The Leviathan)

PS I will send the game to Rhett and Link and then if they do not i will post the game on a forum.

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hahaha cool

oh my cas that sounds pretty ah-mazin


A funny thing that you could add is a little bonus level where you discover a Nilla Wafer Top Hat or Bacon if you were to add enemies.  Then you could "Rub some bacon on it"  and make the enemies disappear.  Just a fun thing to add relating to the 5 word songs.

ha good one : )

I love making 8-bit pixel art! Let me know if you need any objects or anything designed.

Aliens, Da Vinchi, bacon, basically anything that is in time rangerers would be great thanks!!!

Haha this is awesome. I'll definitely play this.

Great idea! But, I gotta say, the boss level should be 2007, Albequerque.

Like original music for the game? I'd love to do that! Or at least try to make some cool music for it. I've done stuff like that before.

played it!

loved it!

now just waiting for it to be 100%


SUGGESTION:  Belvedere the cockatrice is BOSS! he spits fire . . . R&L character must gather cockatrice eggs from his nest and throw them to defeat and move along


Music supplied by R&L: 

Right-click to save the mp3 to your computer

My Hair Goes... (Live Acoustic at Blue Mic).mp3

The GMM 100 mp3


Several others are available free (or no more than $0.99 each) at iTunes.  Here are some of the free selections already downloaded . . .

Answers (LOST Final Season Song).mp3

Encyclopedia Rap.mp3


Moving On Up (Theme from the Jeffersons).mp3

Road Trip Theme.mp3

Space Junk - instrumental.mp3

Sunburn Song - Live.mp3

Unofficial Tourism Song of Wales - Live.mp3

X-Files Theme - I Want to Believe.mp3


or use the SONGIFY app to make some of your own . . . instuctions follow . . .


Hey been a long time since anyone replied to this hope you close to finishing by now


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