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Hi all,

I am currently making a Time Rangerers Game on Gamemaker! It is a (kind of) 8-bit platformer where you can play as Rhett or Link and play through the episodes of Time Rangerers! If someone could provide me with backgrounds and some background music it would help a lot!

Thanks for helping my mythical ventures,

Laurence (The Leviathan)

PS I will send the game to Rhett and Link and then if they do not i will post the game on a forum.

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I am also open to level suggestions!

I recently had the same idea. 

lol I think that'd be a pretty cool game to play :)

That looks amazing! I am hoping to do a simple platformer as I do not know how to create an open world game as it looks like you have! Maybe you could teach me how to make one as I want to expand my game making knowledge!

It is a lot more coding as opposed to actual designing, and therefore takes much longer. But if you really want to, the platform I am using is called Byond and it makes it easier to arrange everything, but it is essentially just a flash knockoff. 

What about you work with Laurence?

For any more pictures/discussion, check the group. I am not able to work as fast as when I started, what with life and all, but I have three "time periods" done so far.

Hey I am a 14 year old kid with not much artistic talent so cut me some slack OK?

Poor, poor Rob . . . would you like a bit of cheese to go with that whine?

Gumbo, that comment made my day. And Rob, you lobbied for the making of a video game, saying that you wouldn't do it, and here are two people saying they are making one and you are shunning that? I said I recently had the same idea, because after reading your discussion, I got the idea that I would make it myself, as opposed to waiting for someone else, and say Laurence didn't see your post. And it is legitimately hard to think of ideas for the game. So I don't see where you are upset.

This is awesome. Let me know when Merryweather Neal and Leonardo Da Vinci show up, and I will reprise the roles in the video game.

hahaha Jason IS awesome


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