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SEASON 6 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

( a listing only of the highlighted items revealed on GMM & GMMore)

Episode 4 (GMM #485) When You Lose Your Shorts at the Beach 

     - - Flûte de Pêt playing a diatonic scale in one octave (from Shaun & Holly / Canada)

     - - RhettandLinkopoly Game (from Gumbo123 & contributing MBs / The Kommunity)

Episode 9 (GMM #490) Outrageous Camping Gear You Must Own

     - - oak tree cross section decorative GMM wall plaque (or plate) and Lando Lumberjack action figure (from Tiffany U. & her Mom & her brother Shorty / Alapaha, GA)

     - - Salad Flavored Potato Sticks, coffee drinks from vending machines and other awesome eats to eat from Japan (from the Vega Family / Sasebo, Japan)

Episode 14 (GMM #495)   5 Brand New Pool Games

     - - Devil Babies" art project (from Chloe Palmer / San Antonio, TX)

Episode 19 (GMM #500) 500 Bouncy Balls (Slo-Mo)

     - - GMM dream catcher (from Kara & Eric / North Carolina, USA)

     - - crispy anchovie fish snack (from Bennett & Henry / location unknown)

Episode 24 (GMM #505) 4 Weirdest Parties on Earth

     - - creepy human-toothed dog doll & a family pack of toothbrushes (from Ben Cope, DDS / Glen Cove, CA) http://www.eldoradohillsdental.com/our-practice/dr-ben-cope/

     - - Icelandic Horse DooDoo and other candy treats & a wooden puffin & Iceland coins (from Alfred / Iceland) http://www.idontspeakicelandic.com/category/eatables

Episode 29 (GMM #510) 5 Tips to Survive High School

     - - - freeze dried durian & other snacks, a hand-crafted diorama featuring the Singapore MurLion and Singapore trivia facts card (Mythical Beasts of Singapore)

Episode 34 (GMM #515) How to Talk to Your Crush

     - - Mythical Memory Machine (from Nicholas Waling / whereabouts unknown)

Episode 39 (GMM #520) 5 Creative Ways to Save Money 

     - - shortest long board ever made [1 of 2] (from Phillip Dixon / whereabouts unkown)

     - - Beaver Nuggets (from The Shields Family [Jill, Kim, Jordan, Morgan, Paige & Jared] / only in Texas)  ~ http://buc-ees.com/locations.php

Episode 44 (GMM #525) 6 Unusual But Legal Pets

     - - hand sewn Mythical Blindfold eye masks (from Megan Wolfe / Phoenix, AZ)

     - - pickled cockles & jelly babies & Frazzles & Jammy Dodgers & other Brit snackage (from Miss R. Dorsen / UK)

Episode 49 (GMM #530) How to Start a YouTube Career

     - - Rhett and Link sock puppets ideal for resolving conflicts (from Sam and the rest of the Allred family [including Grace] / Archdale, NC)

     - - custom knitted R&L and Forest Patrol wall art, Kentucky coffee, Boondi and other Indian treats (from Alexis [Indigo Sparrow] / Alexandria, KY)

Episode 54 (GMM #535) The Most Famous Friendships of All Time  

     - - hand crafted individual Rhett & Link duct tape hats (from Kennedy / Texas)

     - - R&L GMM Studio Lego Kit w/ Mythical Boulder (from Jonathan / San Bernardino, CA)

Episode 59 (GMM #540) Getting Revenge On Your Roommate

     - - Rhett and Link head pillows (from Emily and Hudson [her boyfriend] / Perrysburg, OH)

     - - Swedish Super Salts & other Scandinavian favorites (from ? ? ? / Sweden)

Episode 64 (GMM #545) Pizza Cake Birthday Surprise   

     - - Magic Lamp w/ Genie in a ZipLoc bag & a box of Ajwa dates (from  Octavio / Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia)

Episode 69 (GMM #550) Dance Cleaning

     - - Prof. Rhett and Dr. Lincoln's Mythical Beast ~ Magically Organic Cockatrice Egg {a medieval rarity}  (from Matt, Andrew & Redd / Fort Worth, TX)

     - - Exotic flavored potato chips (from Annie / Virginia, USA)

Episode 74 (GMM #555) Will It Pumpkin Spice?   

     - - Link's Mythical Barf Bucket (from  Mandy Meter / Minnesota, USA)

     - - Cracker Nuts and other fine Filipino snackage (from Miss Roma, Washington, USA)

Episode 79 (GMM #560) Full Body Duct Tape Mummy

     - - mythical traffic light  (from Chet Chrissman, Nashville, TN)

     - - stroopwafels & other Dutch delicasies (from Lanique, Oscar & Nikka / Holland)

Episode 84 (GMM #565) 5 Craziest Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs    

     - - Mythically Supersized Logo-lazered Magic Pizza Plank  (from Alicia & Marc Jr. & other members of the Roth Family / undisclosed location)

Episode 89 (GMM #570) The Floor Is Lava (GAME) 

     - - Doumar's Cones ~ Since 1904 (from Brian & Alison, Hagerstown, TN)

     - - Pearson's Salted Nut Roll, wild rice and Mythical Artwork (from The Forstners [David, Lynnae, Erin, Cassie, John & Mark], Corey Kramer [Ghost Chicken] and all the MBs of MythiCon-MN 2014 / Minnesota, USA)

Episode 94 (GMM #575) Extreme Flamingo Makeover

     - - Beer Hammer bottle openers [also doubles as a gavel or self-defense weapon] in walnut and maple (from Luke Brown the Woodworker / Rapid City, SD)

     - - Swedish candies including GULP and PLOP "in that order" (from unnamed Swedish MB)

     - - Lester's Fixins Original Buffalo Wing Soda [this soda sucks] and Jones PB&J Soda [this one's pretty good] (from an unnamed MB of unknown origin)

Episode 99 (GMM #580) Carving a Turkey With a Sword 

     - - Famous maple leaf suckers and funny Canadian heargear (from Morgan & Leah, Canada)

     - - Mexican Head Poops, salted lemon-flavored dried apricots & scorpion sucker candy plus prickly pear and hot pepper jelly (from David, Beth & Carrie Bishop, Tuscon, AZ)

Episode 104 (GMM #585) Romance Novel in Real-Life  

     - - Belvedere the Cockatrice lighted canvas (from Andrew Umbrite, Pensacola, FL)

     - - Horehound, Sassafras and Idaho Spud & various PAC-NW snacks plus a replica WOM glass serving dish and belated birthday Hawkman coasters (from Allison Dyer, Salem, OR)

Episode 109 (GMM #590) Carving a Turkey With a Sword 

     - - R&L-roofed squirrel house kit (from the Hamms Team [Hannah, Andrew, Matthew & Savannah], Ohio, USA)

     - - RAMUNE ~ Japanese soda (from Marissa, somewhere unknown)

Episode 114 (GMM #595) Romance Novel in Real-Life  

     - - Santaur ornament for the GMM Studios Mythical Christmas Tree [GMMSMCT] (from Ms. Jordan Pennington, Washington State, USA)

     - - Holiday flavored jelly beans (from Matt, Albuquerque, MN)

SEASON 7 ~ Thursdays Means Mail!

All mail openings this season have moved

to GMMore as depicted in the titles below

Episode 4 (GMMore #600) Eating 600 Cheeseballs 

     - - Custom embroidered adult bibs "to protect your clothes from all the carayyyzey foods ya'll like to eat" (from Michael & Coralea, Texas)

     - - INEDIBLE "official" freeze-dried space cheese pizza and malic acid [a.k.a. 2-hydroxybutanedioic acid ~ HO2CCH2CHOHCO2H](from Kelly Lane Colucci & Joseph Hicklan, Vancouver, WA)

Episode 9 (GMMore #605) Conquering Test Anxiety  

     - - Sriracha Popcorn (from Cassie & Cassidy Chang, Orange, CA)

     - - Clearly Canadian salt & pepper shakers (from Ally [plus several unnamed MBs], various unnamed locations)

Episode 14 (GMMore #610) Feeding Potato Chips to Puppets 

     - - Ketchup & Mayo and Currywurst flavored potato chips (from Marissa, Germany)

     - - Hand sewn weirdo puppet dudes (from Pamela, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Episode 19 (GMMore #615) Conquering Test Anxiety  

     - - Cow blood chocolate candy bars for kids (from Stephan {spelling?} in the Ukraine)

     - - Hewn wooden spoons (from Éamonn O'Sullivan, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland)

Episode 24 (GMMore #620) Eating Welsh Candy  

     - - hand crotcheted cockatrice (from Amina Fisher / someplace on Earth)

     - - a whole box full of Welsh (UK) treats & goodies [CLICK HERE for complete listing](from Andrew Hosking / Blaina, Wales)

Episode 29 (GMMore #625) Eel Slap To The Face   

     - - Dragon Meat soaked in the most mythical blood found on the Mythical Isles & elephant poop paper (from Amber, Amaan & Anna)

     - - exotic assortment of Japanese KitKat Bars (from Chiara

Episode 34 (GMMore #630) Nerf Gun Shootout  

     - - hand painted logo gift candles,  kimchi & chili oil flavored Ramune (from Alexis Poe ~ Indigo Sparrow / Alexandria, KY)

     - - modified high power Nerf pistols (from Dylan / Noo Yawk)

Episode 39 (GMMore #635) Eating Russian Food

     - - hand crafted GMM-themed matryoshkas [a.k.a. Russian nesting dolls] , canned smoked sprats, vanilla honeycake, booblichki [bagel crown] & kvass (from Alex & Marina Popkov, Mikhail & Gracie & Dani Frolov / Russia)

Episode 44 (GMMore #640) Eating Italian Candies

     - - various so-called treats from Italy (from Sinead, Seamus, Mable & Brian Williams / with Dad who's stationed in Italy)

     - - turkey leg back scratchers (from Brian Dougherty / Long Island, NY)

Episode 49 (GMMore #645) Eating Swedish Tubed Foods  

     - - 3 popular flavors of Kalles tubes [caviar . whey butter . bacon cheese] & crispy cinnamon-flavored bread (from Ellen ??? / Sweden)

     - - GMM and R&L logo themed Xbox controllers (from Madison & Zach / Phoenix, AZ)

Episode 54 (GMMore #650) Rhett & Link Start A Hockey Team

     - - MoonPie-like snacks filled with Dulce de Leche (from Andres / Punta del Este, Uraguay)

     - - Mythical tool w/ mythical tool holder (from MB Eileen / whereabouts unknown)

     - - Team MB hockey jerseys (Stacy at BufferFest / Toronto, Canada)

Episode 59 (GMMore #655) Jen Takes Us on a Mail Trip 

     - - BBQ dog food & roasted bacon flavored chips, personalized R&L Nutella and other goodies & gifts from Bavaria (from Anja / Bavaria, Germany)

     - - Mini model of Leonardo Di Vinci's helicopter invention, exploding wasabi candy & ghost pepper peanuts (from Ben / Durham, NC)

Episode 64 (GMMore #660) Eating Durian Fruit Pastries 

     - - Durian-filled cookies [expire 2016] , peanut crisps and other sticky durian based treats [a.k.a. DODOL] (from Aliyah & Sheliza / Malaysia)

     - - R&L cutting board for the GMM Studio kitchen (from Paul Jackman of Jackman Carpentry , just north of Boston, MA)

End grain cutting board made from reclaimed white pine with black walnut inlay.

This pine comes from some salvaged paneling in a church renovation. The cutting board features the logo of internetainers Rhett & Link - known for their comedy music videos, local commercials, and GMM (Good Mythical Morning) daily show.

They are both big fans of wooden creations which I happen to be as well. Enjoy!

, skewered bean curds and an assortment of "unusual" snacks (from Becky, Alex, Jamie & Mikey / obtained on a shopping trip to The Strip District, Pittsburgh, PA)

     - - a one-of-a-kind Good Mythical Children's Book (from Ray Frieson / Don't Eat Any Bugs Productions)

Episode 74 (GMMore #670) Making Silly Balloon Noises 

     - - a very British book titled "Potty, Fartwell and Knob: From Luke Warm to Minty Badger - Extraord..." and a selection of English biscuits [a.k.a. digestives] for dipping in tea (from Rosie / England)

Episode 79 (GMMore #675) Eating Canned Octopus

     - - dolmades [stuffed grape leaves] and canned smoked octopus in soybean oil [salted] (from Connie Leach & her Greek kids Emily and Mike / from ???)

     - - nose whistles w/multiple letters (from Molly Gladwell & her BuzzCutKids) 

Episode 84 (GMMore #680) How to Properly Watch Star Wars 

     - - pyrography & Asian snackage (from Lori Lyn a.k.a. kewtkitty / SLC, UT)


Episode 89 (GMMore #685) Building the GMM Telescope

     - - KinderKare Eggs from China (from Tikva L. [sp?] / back from China)

     - - GMM Bucketscope (from Brent & Blake Burton / Sammamish, WA)

Episode 94 (GMMore #690) Smashing Piñatas of Our Faces   

     - - good, strange and very weird candy coming not only from Polish and chocolate bars packed into piñatas similar to their heads   (from Catherine & her niece Tatiana / Poland)

Episode 99 (GMMore #695) Eating Austrian Wiener Nougat

     - - a whole box of Austrian candy galore including that irresistible Wiener Nougat (from Erica & George / Vienna, Austria)

     - - mythical graduation caps to wear (from Nikki / location unknown)

Episode 104 (GMMore #700) Link is the Flute Master   

     - - Finnish reindeer sticks, pickled herring and candies (from Emmalisa, Juni and the cats Fritz, Ivor, Nano & Zynos / Finland)

     - - wooden carnival mask & bamboo recorder (from Kiku(???) / Equador)

Episode 109 (GMMore #705) Good Mythical Storytime

     - - jalapeño, habanero and ghost pepper gummy candies (from Mary Margaret / Atlanta, GA)

     - - The Quest for Mythicality kid's book (from Stephen Dye / ClassyCrow.com)

Find out more about Stephen Dye's book featured on today's GMMore episode . . .



Episode 114 (GMMore #710) Testing More Egg Rollie Recipes    

     - - R&L artwork [the first painting she ever done] plus representative KING t-shirts and a bucket-full of assorted goodies (from Shana Scarcey / ???)

Episode 119 (GMMore #715) Japanese Cheetos Taste Test 

     - - weird chip flavors from Japan plus cookies that remind her of Rhett & some LINK gum for Link (from Jessie / Peterborough, ONT Canada)

     - - musical instruments that are useful ~ a submarine-looking real ocarina for the real Link plus Rabbit Lightning artwork (from Anna / ???)

Episode 124 (GMMore #720) Link vs Jen: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Showdown!

     - - R&L-faced M&M candies and some favorite toys from the '80s (from Bri Cobb / undisclosed fan location)

Episode 129 (GMMore #725) Improves S'more Taste Test

     - - R&L Logo bookends, R&L logo coaster set, R&L logo cookie cutters, R&L logo dogtags and an R&L logo wall clock (from Jordan, ??? ) 

Episode 134 (GMMore #730) Rhett Stars as North Carolina Jones

     - - Bull Whip!  (from Cole @ WhipperSnapperz [with a Z], ??? )

     - - 25 special bookmarks for R&L and Krew and family and friends (from Your Fans in Maine!)

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