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Did you guys hear about the new mail situation on their Facebook page for season 8? Too bad you cannot send in food anymore. Watching them eat the foreign/ weird food was hilarious and it was fun when they got the whole crew on set eating it.

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I watched part of the video, but it was Ten minutes, so I only watched half, but I didn't get to that part. that's too bad. :-(
Yeah, but the museum part is new and interesting

Yes - I got it through Twitter.  (Is it a private/unlisted video on YouTube?  I was able to watch it through the  Twitter link, but it wasn't listed on the R&L 4 Extra channel videos.)  Maybe they will still bring in their own weird food (more control for safety purposes?)  Didn't they eat some foreign stuff a while ago that they had ordered online - or am I thinking of someone else?

Yeah, the food thing is sad, but I'm really excited about the museum! Already have something to send to them!


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