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As you probably know, GMM got a new update today. Based on the comment section of the new (main) GMM episode, a lot of mythical beasts didn't like it. There were a lot of complaints about the lighting, faster pacing, poor sound quality, and the extra segments being separate, for example.

But I know the Kommunity is home to the most-dedicated fans, and I'm curious if the opinion here is different. So, what's your view of the new GMM?

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As a matter of fact, I have! Not on any of the official Rhett and Link social media accounts, but Nikki from the crew -- who, incidentally, was recently promoted from social media coordinator to social media manager, based on her Twitter bio -- replied to an MB's tweet saying that they have some projects in store for the This Is Mythical channel.


Interesting. The Mythical Crew page on mythical.co website still lists Nikki's title as Social Media Marketing Coordinator  and Jen as the  Social Media Manager

True, but they also obviously haven't updated it in a while, considering the expansion of crew for the new GMM format. I kind of wonder if they're intentionally only keeping the "core" crew members listed on the website...might just be that updating the page isn't a priority.

Follow-up: Rhett and Link discussed this again, more briefly, in the February 26, 2018 Ear Biscuits episode "Ask Us Anything" (video posted on March 3). They talked a little bit more about the experimentation they did right when GMM expanded near the end of Season 12, including some things they both realized they didn't like and didn't work. Rhett in particular also broke down how he was feeling during the "Our Honest Response to Your Feedback" episode and some of the aftermath from it.

                     It doesn't at all seem that they're doing it for money. That's because they have to pay more people more money to do more work. Also, they really just don't seem like those kinds of people. It kind of seems like they were just kind of stressed in the first couple of episodes, which leads to differences. It does seem that the episodes have gotten better in the few weeks that they have been doing it. I would prefer that they stopped having so many guests, though, but other than that, it seems pretty much like more of the old GMM. 

I never thought they were doing it just for money, although of course they do have to make money. I do feel like they maybe have a case of overcommititus. They said it themselves in the most recent Ear Biscuits - they had committed to so many things at once... the new GMM, the Mythical Book, the second season of Buddy System and the Mythical Tour all within what... two months? Although I know a lot of it was planned many months, even years, in advance. But that is really too much for any person and, to be honest, you can see and feel the stress and the exhaustion in them, especially Rhett.

Yes, the internet is impatient and moves quickly but you as human beings still need to breathe and take some space sometimes. 

Anyway, I enjoy the new format for the most part, even though there are things I miss from every version of GMM (and even GMCL) but I still think it's early days and I we as fans need to be patient. 

My favourite parts of the new format - the choice, Tess (who reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Moss as Peggy in Mad Men), more (willing) celebrities, the experimentation, the cruder humour.

My least favourite is harder to quantify - I've felt for a long time the show is overproduced. I feel like YT in general benefits from a more casual, off-the-cuff approach (and that the content is the most important attribute) but then I'm also not a Youtuber who has actual mouths to feed over this stuff, so I dunno. 

I love them and everything they do.

Mythical Entertainment:
It has come to my attention that the format for Good Mythical Morning has changed. I have been a loyal fan of GMM for over 5 years. Although Rhett and Link have been preparing us for the upcoming changes, through Ear Biscuits and on GMM episodes in the past weeks, nothing could have prepared me for the absolute chaos that is the new change. I feel that the new set up is very hard to navigate. I just so happened to click on the “first” video in the Monday series, but that was by chance. If you go to the Good Mythical Morning channel the videos are released in order but the last one is first. Making the first one last. If there are four episodes per day, I think that eventually I will only be watching some of them and the rest will get lost in a sea of videos.
Now, I’m not here to say that they don’t know what they are doing. Almost every other endeavor has worked out just fine,( Buddy System, Ear Biscuits, The Book of Mythicality,etc) but are we forgetting The Mythical show? From my understanding that show was a flop. So why are they trying to mimic that style of more content?
Aside from that fact that this is new and will take some adjusting, the content is also a concern for me. Just from watching Monday’s series I already have negative thoughts on the quality of content. The wind baking episode, come on, what is this? I did not appreciate it being so heavily edited. The one thing I love about GMM is that it’s one take. Now I know this is recently false information. But in the past, when I feel GMM was in its prime, it was one take. Also, Link promised we would “get four videos assembled into and amazing episode for your viewing experience pleasure” This is NOT an “amazing episode”. This is four pathetic GMMs released at the same time. And Rhett says “we are going to be giving you four videos every single day that together comprise a longer super episode of Good Mythical Morning”. Last I checked they were being released as four separate episodes, three of which are half the length of a normal GMM. And the view count on the videos had drastically gone down with only a few reaching 1,000,000 and most averaging 600,000
I’m a big supporter of the phrase,”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Please don’t “fix” GMM!

Mythical Beast:
Emily Brinkmann
I've actually enjoyed the new format, although Sometimes I feel like I'm in the minority for that.

The first few days were rough, but the first few days of anything are. I have not ceased to be entertained by the new episodes, and appreciate the additional daily content.
I appreciate your positivity. The comment that I wrote was written the day the first episode came out. So most of that response was more emotional than factual. I have enjoyed some of the episodes since then. The only issue I still have is the view count. I’m just concerned for them from a business standpoint. I am not watching all the videos. Just a select few. My daily morning routine does not allow for all that content. It’s just too much. And most of them are getting “lost in a sea of videos” as I stated before. I love Rhett and Link and I will continue to watch their videos and be supportive but I don’t agree with the new format 100% just yet.
I like it a lot! They did a really great Ear Biscuits about it, and that answered a lot of the questions I had... it’s gotta be hard for them to have to deal with the fake fans giving them hate...

My brother first showed me GMM about six months ago and have binged watched seasons and have made sure to watch every new episode, with my family when possible and feel that my relationship with them has been enriched because they love it, I love it, and its something we honestly enjoying doing together. I read the Book of Mythicality in 3 days and I feel that I have a different view of my life and the world since that day approx. 6 months ago. I think one of the biggest things that I have taken from Rhett and Link and what I view as part of their philosophy is, go with the flow. Don't let yourself become so rigid and comfortable that a change in the routine upends your life. Sure it may take some getting used to, but in the end, you now get 20-30 minutes of mythicality every weekday morning. I don't think there is anything more un-mythical than being inflexible and unable to adapt to change. Rhett and Link have tried and done so many things. some have failed, some have not, but all have helped them to be who they are and given them the ability to change our lives as mythical beasts.


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