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As you probably know, GMM got a new update today. Based on the comment section of the new (main) GMM episode, a lot of mythical beasts didn't like it. There were a lot of complaints about the lighting, faster pacing, poor sound quality, and the extra segments being separate, for example.

But I know the Kommunity is home to the most-dedicated fans, and I'm curious if the opinion here is different. So, what's your view of the new GMM?

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As I was reading this, I saw on Twitter that Rhett and Link responded in the comments of today’s GMMore episode to tell MBs they will address the feedback in Wednesday’s GMMore episode. That will be interesting.

Personally, I was SO EXCITED about more GMM, but I was disappointed in the videos today. Only because it was so scripted. I’m hoping after all the comments from fans saying the same thing, they’ll stray from that in future episodes/segments. That’s just my two cents worth.

For me, the bottom line is that they are still giving us the same content. Watching the "Part 1" video and GMMore is nearly the same as the old format.

To be selfish, though, I would opt for sticking with the old format, because I think the new, multi-segment episode will spread them too thin. If today's episode is any indication, all four segments were concepts that could have been entire episodes of the previous GMM. In one day of this new format, they used up nearly a week's worth of episode ideas. I would imagine trying to keep that pace will devolve into rehashing old ideas and struggling to develop and execute new ideas in the remaining, diminished time.

With my limited knowledge, I'd guess that their reasons for switching to multiple videos per day include:

  1. Getting more clicks and views.
  2. Making each segment more social-media-sharable by breaking it into a separate video.
  3. Becoming more "legitimate" by emulating late-night TV shows.

None of those are really my cup of tea, and I felt a bit disconnected after clicking through today's episode as they directed. However, if this is something R&L want to to do, I'll ride it out with them. Again, they haven't taken anything away. They've only added some things that could possibly indirectly influence the potency of the content we had before.

Yeah, I think they are doing it for all the reasons you mentioned. They just missed the mark a bit. I mean, if they can give us the same quality as before (such as a genuine connection to us mythical beasts), then I suppose the idea of multiple segments isn’t inherently bad. Hopefully they take the MBs suggestions and improve the new format.

And I did notice the episode-potential of the Kickstarter songs video. It would’ve made a great stand-alone GMM! If they want to do more than 5 videos a week, maybe they could scatter a few extra videos throughout the week (instead of so many videos every day) and save the good ideas for full episodes.

I definitely thought it was for more clicks so they could get more ad revenue. It's very frustrating. The pacing was really uncomfortable for me too.

I found it hard to follow and it wasn't as enjoyable and quirky as usual. It felt way too mainstream although, on reflection, Part 1 + GMMore did feel somewhat familiar.

All in all it was a bit too much of a shock to my system and I didn't really enjoy or get the other 3 Parts. Also, it sounded like there was a laugh track added which I didn't like at all.

I am trying to be open minded and supportive as a Mythical Beast, but I didn't get my usual "fix" that GMM adds to my day...
I thought today’s segments were far more enjoyable! They didn’t feel as forced and scripted as yesterday’s and I genuinely laughed at each segment. So, maybe we were all bummed out for no good reason after yesterday’s premiere of the new format. But if they could just fix that bad lighting...

Maybe you're right - they might've just been getting into the groove of things. There's still some stuff to be remedied (like the lighting you mentioned - blech!), but hopefully it will keep on getting better from here. :)

I’ll tell you one thing I do wish they’d do is s l o w d o w n ! It’s like they are in a rush to be sure the added segments are under 5 minutes. I wish they’d slow their roll. I mean, ain’t nobody gonna be mad atcha for giving us longer segments, guys! If we’ve already committed to clicking through to all of these videos, a few extra minutes here and there isn’t going to turn us off. So, yeah, my two requests: fix that lighting and chilllll. I’m anxious to see what they have to say in tomorrow’s GMMore episode.

I really don't think it's a laugh track. They always have crew members sitting off-camera to monitor the technical aspects, and they often laugh in response to Rhett and Link as they're filming. I think it sounds more like a track now because the audio is set up a little differently, and maybe the crew's laughter sounds more canned like it's farther away.

That’s true - it’s definitely easier to share, and that’s a big plus. :)


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