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OK, so I wanted to know how many hours of GMM existed. But after some *boopity-boop-boop* research, I didn't find the answer anywhere. I was still curious, so I decided to fill the internet hole myself. :)

Using Excel and the times on a list of GMM episodes, here's what I found:

There's a grand total of 215 hours, 36 minutes, and 53 seconds of GMM.

That's crazy! I haven't watched every episode, but I know there's plenty of mythical beasts who have. So here's my question: how many here on the Kommunity have watched every single episode (or even watched them more than once?)


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Whoa. Does this include GMMore too?? Even if not, still, WOW. They have come so incredibly far since that first day of first grade. :') It has long been a goal of mine to watch every episode, no matter how daunting the task is.

Nope, it doesn't include GMMore, just GMM! Can you imagine if all of their videos were added up? They've sure have created a lot of content (and laughter!) in their lifetime. You're right... R&L have a come a long way since they first met! :)

that's fantastic. :D Very nice.


That's amazing! I've seen a LOT of episodes but I'm working my way through every episode this year, starting with season 1. That'll be 200 hours of my life spent with Rhett and Link, plus the GMMore's! Crazy and great!

Wow, every episode? Now that's a truly mythical 2017 goal! :)

It'll be an adventure :) I'll get back to you in 1050+ episodes! Haha :)

Don't forget to start where the GMM daily shows all began with the 40 episodes of GMCL


or, even better, begin the journey with this jewel of tale telling titled "The Tragedy" - - an excerpt from  the Recollections & Reminiscing edition of the RhettandLinKast Live - - original airdate April 2, 2009

and if you want to read along with your own copy of the original transcript:


Yes! Both very important R&L history, highly recommended, and both of which I've seen :)

OH MY GOD!!! How long would it take to theoretically watch all of gmm straight through, absolutely no pausing? (I'm bad at math)

If I did the math correctly, it would take a little over 9 days to play every GMM without stopping. :)


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