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     Hai guys! I just wanted to make a note that some mythical beasts are being bullied on this AMAZING website (Thanks R&L!) and the fact that some beasts are wanting to "un-beast" themselves because of the bullying going on. No, I don't intend to change the main rules of the Komm, but I don't want my best friends to delete their accounts either. So. I want all of you guys to suggest on what we, as beasts, should try to stop the horrible bullying that has been on here. In fact, bullying is one of our MORTAL ENEMIES. Well, mine at least. Some of you guys are immune to bullying . ANYWAY, if you guys agree with what I'm saying, feel free to give suggestions on how to stop this evil. Thanks for your precious time!!! :) *turns into a thunderbird and flies away*

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1. Ignore them. They are looking for attention and recognition. If everyone just goes on without responding to them, they'll either stop or get bored and go away.  Unfortunately people try to say something that will "show him or her" they are right. It's like a child yelling "I'm not listening!" at the person they are "not listening" to. And ultimately it feeds the fire.

2. Leave. There is nothing that says you must subject yourself to verbal abuse on this or any online territory. Or in the real world for that matter. However it's even easier here because all it takes is the click of a button and they can do nothing to stop you. Eventually they will leave as they cannot be on forever. Then you can return and enjoy the company and conversation of your fellow beasts. 

3. Stay out of the conversation. If you encounter a bully, try remembering their username or profile picture. If you see it you will know that a bully is in the chat room and to stay out. There are so many great and interesting things to do on the Rhett and Link community. Like watch the latest episode of GMM (hint, hint), or browse the archives of awesome fan art created by other mythical beasts in this community. Again, nothing says you need to involve yourself in what you can see may be trouble. This doesn't mean you must avoid the chatroom at all costs because you suspect there's a lemon amongst the oranges! But if you you feel like joining the conversation may be a bad idea, then it probably is.

4. Remember that these people know little to nothing about you. They are blindly trying to throw punches hoping to land a hit. The best thing you can do is not be so sensitive. While they may be speaking AT you, there is nothing they can say ABOUT you. And in the end something that was meant as an innocent remark may seem like an attack if you take everything too seriously. In the end, you yourself may be a bully by accusing someone when they only meant it in good fun.

So have fun, and safe chatting to everyone! Remember that you are the only one who can give others the power to hurt you. And you can take that power away too. :)

I'm also talking about the stuff in the Personal Chat too, even though no one else can see it unless u copy and  paste it...

Sounds cool.

I was bullied on here, but then I saw my name on the leader boards and I was all like,

Omg I'm a top member, pfff, I'm awesome.

I'm still on and off yet I'll do my best to help stop the fighting. The best strategy is to just ignore the fight, don't get involved and just go on with your life. Talk about unicorn lairs in North Korea. Or R&L for Belvedere's sake. This is no place for fighting and bullying, there is no need for sheed.


"For Belvedere's sake" Do you mind if I start saying that?

well id love for bullying to end but the fact is it will never end which is absolutely terrible but true

I'm not sure I'd say it's not an issue, period. Sure, there are plenty of measures a person can take to ignore/block a bully online, but especially for young people with a fragile, dependent sense of self esteem, the damage can already be done by the time the bullying gets bad enough to warrant blocking.

Depending on how self-assured you already are, it can be just as hurtful to have strangers on the Internet tell you you're worthless as it is to have someone you know tell you to your face (or behind your back, for that matter).

Probably the worst bullying scenario is when real-life bullying spreads into the cyber world. Then the person is assaulted by it from all sides, and word can spread very quickly to an unimaginable number of people via the Internet.

I don't have much to say, other than this:

I agree with everything previously said AND...

Keep in mind that YOU may be the bully, without even knowing it! You might want to re-evaluate what you do and see if it could hurt someone, even of you didn't mean it that way. 

Keep calm and stay strong?

Okay, no need to get all fancy people... Here's what you do if you're getting bullied. 

1.) Slap the bully with ** those thingys

2.) Go click on their name and hit 'Ignore'

It's that simple! Also you're friends will stand up for you once you ignore the bully. Or I will. I hate bullies.

So yeah beasts don't bully, and it's good all the work you guys are putting into your responses (@ The Phantomess) but honestly there's no reason to get all detailed. RnL are smart, they put up an ignore button for a reason!

Stay mythical you guys.

I think this is good, too many people are judgemental and just don't care these days. I propose a toast to end bullying!! *lifts a glass of Mythical Awesome Juice*


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